If that trendy undercut you gave your client is in need of a style refresher, try this edgy, textured look from Farouk’s Anna Cantu. Created using products from the all new CHI Styling Line, this carefree style says she went shopping downtown, hopped on the subway and met her friends for rooftop drinks (and not once did she stop to fix her hair).


 Step 1:

  Begin by rough drying damp hair with a DURA CHI dryer and vent brush.


Step 2:

Follow by misting CHI Texturizing Spray to build body and texture where desired.


Step 3 :

Using a DURA CHI 1” Hairstyling Iron, smooth the hair while slightly directing the fringe area     under and then flipping the ends up.


Step 4:

Finish the look by applying a small amount of CHI Reworkable Taffy onto the palms, focusing on   the ends for definition and hold.


  Look Finished