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Why do you need a protein treatment?

Protein treatments can be used to maintain healthy hair and as a temporary filler to fill in cracks along the hair shaft. Hair breakage can be caused by combing, brushing, tight ponytails or braids, improper use of chemicals, nutrient deficiencies, waiting too long trim your hair, wearing heavy extensions, hair accessories, and pH imbalance.

Hair breakage occurs when there is a fracture along the hair shaft. This is not the same as hair shedding. Hair shedding occurs when you see long strands of hair falling from the scalp with a white hair bulb attached to the top of the hair strand. Although breakage tends to be shorter strands, hair can break from the roots.


What’s causing your breakage? 

It is important to know the cause of the hair breakage in order to make the best decision about treatments. Protein treatments no matter how strong cannot fix hair breakage caused by a nutrient deficiency. Iron deficiency can cause your hair to feel brittle, break off along the sides and nape of the head, and cause temporary hair loss. Your hair will look limp, lack shine, snap off when you run your fingers through your scalp, and you hair may look less dense. This is a separate issue and has to be addressed by your primary doctor.