Stylists can no longer afford to treat their blow-dries as afterthoughts. They’re an integral part of a cut and color service. And thanks to blowout bars and a surge of interest in professional styling and finishing, they’ve become viable services of their own! Do your blowout skills need a tune-up? Start with this smooth blowout how-to from CHI, achieved using the newCHI Touch 2 Blow Dryer.

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Step 1

Apply a few drops of CHI Silk Infusion on damp hair and distribute evenly.


Step 2

   Apply CHI Volume Booster to the root area.

Step 3

Use the new CHI Touch 2 Blow Dryer to minimize the moisture in the hair to about 80 percent.

Step 4

Divide the hair in wide sections, as shown.


Step 5

Blow-dry the hair starting from the base in horizontal sections using a round brush.


Step 6

Next, blow-dry the hair in diagonal sections.


Step 7

Repeat steps 4 through 6, and continue with the same technique for remaining sections. Blow-dry hair backward to create volume.


Final Look


Finish the look with CHI Texturizing Spray for body and texture.

Hang with the Farouk team in Cancun! Register today!