Not all of our clients are into messy, beachy and tousled. For many, glamorous, Old Hollywood waves will never go out of style. This look from Farouk Systems is the epitome of glamour—smooth, voluminous waves that won’t quit. How can you achieve this style in the salon? It starts with the new DURA CHI Ceramic Curling Iron, which helps create those shiny, frizz-free curls and locks moisture into the hair. Read on for the rest of the steps!


Step 1

Position the DURA CHI 1.5-inch Curling Iron in diagonal partings around the crown area.


Step 2

Rotate around the crown area with pivotal partings, working the side section toward the middle.


Step 3

Use a large paddle brush to brush out the setting to create beautiful, smooth hair.


  Finished Look

Use a large paddle brush to brush out the setting to create beautiful, smooth hair.


 Finished Look

Alternate View


DURA CHI Curling Irons

Gives your clients perfect ringlets of curls with the DURA CHI Professional Curling Iron. These professional grade hairstyling tools are designed with titanium infused ceramic for optimum strength, durability and performance.

Ceramic naturally emits negative ions and far infrared heat that neutralizes the positive ions produced when damaged hair is exposed to chemicals, metal heating tools and static electricity. This reaction seals the moisture into the hair follicles creating healthy, touchable curls that last all day.

Available Sizes
• 3/40-inch barrel creates tight, defined curls
• 1-inch barrel creates bouncy, natural curls
• 1 ¼-inxh barrel creates loose curls and tousled waves