Everybody has their one thing they love about themselves. For me, it’s my hair. I can critique every other body part until I am adequately depressed and need to call up a bestie for a glass of wine. So as I age and gain weight, along with whatever else happens that keeps going down with time, my hair is the one thing that I must maintain at all costs. It’s safe to say my obsession is pretty extreme. But to put my neurosis to work for you, here are my five essentials for keeping hair beautiful, healthy, and bouncy.

Styling Tool
CHI Escape Professional Cordless Curling Iron 1”
If you’re like me, you have various curlers, irons, rollers, dryers, and so on. There’s a time and place for all of them, but the one that I cannot live without right now is this CHI cordless rechargeable curling iron. It’s compact so you can actually throw it in your bag, but don’t let the size fool you. This thing packs a punch and gets the job done. But it’s not just great for travel. Even at home, it’s so convenient to be able to detach from your bathroom and be free to do your hair wherever. Like when you and your husband are both getting ready and he’s steaming up the bathroom while you’re trying to curl your hair! We all know humidity and curls are not friends.