11 Genius Beauty Products That Are Almost Too Good To Be True

As a beauty writer, I’m constantly searching for beauty products are so completely genius that I feel that everyone needs to know about them. Whether it’s an incredibly pigmented eye shadow, or a lip liner that stops me in my tracks, I’m always on the lookout for the very best in the world of beauty. With that said, I’ve recently discovered a handful of products that go above and beyond my expectations.

What sets these products a part from the rest is just how unique they are. They have either met a need that I didn’t realized I had, or they completely stand out from other products in their category. In short, they contain that certain “wow” factor that I’m always looking for. They’re different, edgy, and a cut above the rest. And their uniqueness doesn’t make them intimidating, either. They’re simply cool beauty products that are guaranteed to make your routine that much more interesting. So, get ready to be floored by these incredible beauty buys. They’ll definitely have you clicking the check-out button in no time. Here are 11 genius beauty items that you need to need to know about.


4. Touch Screen Hair Dryer

Chi Touch 2 Touch Screen Hair Dryer, $189.95, ulta.com

In the growing age of technology, it’s no surprise that even our hair dryers are getting the digital treatment. This super cool hair dryer by CHI allows you to change the temperature, speed, and ion control of your dryer all by using a small touch screen.