How-To: Polygon Cut and Color from Farouk Systems

Symmetrical. Linear. Geometric. Logical. These are the rules that govern the polygon. But Farouk System’s newest look throws out all the rules—a juxtaposition of rigid lines and angles and the soft and harmonious color and movement of a liberated shape. Balance is key here. The  lines are flexible, but the cutting and styling techniques are precise. To achieve the complete look in your chair, follow these steps using the new CHI Ionic Shine Shades.

Who Did It
Cut: Richard Jordan
Color: Richard Jordan
Photography: Richard Monsieurs
Makeup: Juliette den Ouden
Video: Marcel Poelstra
Styling : Ashley Veraart



BehindTheChair_Ionic Liquid Shine Shades1

Polygon Color Technique Color Formulas

Formula A: ¾ part CHI Shine Shades 4RV + ¼ part CHI Shine Shades 3N + 1 part CHI Color Generator 10 Volume

Formula B: 1 part CHI Shine Shades 9S + 1 part CHI Color Generator 10 Volume

Formula C: 1 part CHI Shine Shades 5RV + 1 part CHI Color Generator

Formula D: 1 part CHI Shine Shades 7C + 1 part CHI Color generator 10 Volume + 10cc CHI Shine Shades Orange additive

Step1 -Cut:

BehindTheChair_Ionic Liquid Shine Shades2

Section the head into five sections in a zigzag from the highest point of the head to the highest point of the ear.

Step2 -Cut:

BehindTheChair_Ionic Liquid Shine Shades3

Take diagonal forward partings and distribute the hair perpendicular with a medium projection. Sculpt parallel to your fingers.

Step3 -Cut:

BehindTheChair_Ionic Liquid Shine Shades4

Work consistently on both sides. Position your fingers parallel to the parting to create a graduated concave in the lower nape area.

Step4 -Cut:

BehindTheChair_Ionic Liquid Shine Shades5

At the sides, distribute the hair perpendicular out of the zigzag with a diagonal backward parting.

Step5 -Cut:

BehindTheChair_Ionic Liquid Shine Shades6

The large triangle at the top of the head is projected toward the crown area. Use the scoop technique to create softness and increase layers toward the front.

Step6 -Cut

BehindTheChair_Ionic Liquid Shine Shades7

Distribute the contour line in the natural fall and fine-tune the form line.

Step1 -Color

BehindTheChair_Ionic Liquid Shine Shades8

Mix CHI Ionic Shine Shades ¾ part 4RV and ¼ part 3N with 1 part CHI Color Generator 10-volume (Formula A). Apply the color to the root area about 1 inch wide.

Step2 -Color

BehindTheChair_Ionic Liquid Shine Shades9

Apply the color first at the roots in the zigzag parting.

Step3 -Color

BehindTheChair_Ionic Liquid Shine Shades10

Mix CHI Ionic Shine Shades 1 part 9 S with 1 part CHI Color Generator 10-volume (Formula B) and apply to the pre-lightened area from ends to midshaft to the color at the roots in the zigzag. Isolate the sections with foil.

Step4 -Color

BehindTheChair_Ionic Liquid Shine Shades11

On the left side, apply CHI Ionic Shine Shades 1 part 5RV  with 1 part CHI Color Generator 10-volume (Formula C) from ends to midshaft and blend together with the roots.

Step5 -Color

BehindTheChair_Ionic Liquid Shine Shades12

On the right side, mix CHI Ionic shine shades 1 part 7 C with orange additive and 1 part CHI Color Generator 10-volume (Formula D). Start applying the color at the ends and work to the midshaft. Blend this with the color at the roots.

Finished Look:

BehindTheChair_Ionic Liquid Shine Shades13

BehindTheChair_Ionic Liquid Shine Shades1_FinishedLook