To celebrate last night’s prom episode on Pretty Little Liars, the show’s hair department head hairstylist Kim M. Ferry shares her styling tips for the big dance along with other hair tips from season 6.

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Character Hair Personalities 

Our PLL characters personalities and their “Hair Personalities” can change episode to episode. One day the girls could be at school, with long flowing hair in wonderful, shiny beach waves and then they can hop in a car and be up in “Sleuth Mode” with ponytails or have messy buns because they are hunting down answers on a dark night or maybe they all have disheveled, dirty hair because “A” has locked them all in a terrible place! The scenes unfold in our scripts and the writer’s descriptions often mold the look for every character on Pretty Little Liars. I take my direction and consult the producers and then the actors and create the best look for each moment we have on screen. I want everyone to be happy. Producers, writers, actors and of course our amazing loyal fans!