I have been using a Super Solano hairdryer since getting my first professional blowouts, which was in middle school. They worked and I stuck with them because my hairstylists throughout the years typically all used them in salon. I really didn’t know otherwise and even though now I work in beauty and have access to every brand and model, I just never put much thought into it. In fact, when we get sent blowdryers to test and review, I give them out to contributors to try and write up for the site. I have played with and own a variety of hair tools from straighteners to curling irons from all different brands, but they mostly collect dust. I honestly don’t even like to blow out my hair more than a few times per week, and in the summer, I air dry as much as possible.

So why then would I be so excited to introduce you to my smart, sexy, powerful new friend??

Because, ladies & gents, it is NEXT LEVEL.


Say hello to the CHI Touch 2 Touch Screen Hairdryer.

Which I can best describe as Judy Jetson worthy.

When the press release came through, I knew it was something I needed to experience personally.

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It has a 2.23″ touch screen, yes TOUCH, so you can custom control the speed, temperature and ionic output using the meter dial. With the tap of a finger. In contrast, older blowdryers are basically high, low and off – with a cool shot button. Separating speed and temperature is a great feature (holding that cool shot while drying was always so annoying) but the ionic control is an added bonus for those of us who fight the frizz.

The CHI Touch 2 also has ceramic technology so the air is moist and consistent which reduces damage from heat styling.

It’s also quite good looking yet light to hold.


More, and this is MAJOR, the back of the dyer can be used as a stand (on a flat surface) if, you know, you want a hands-free drying experience. I mean…. how many times have you been drying your hair and someone is calling or texting you to see when you’ll be ready (which is obviously no time soon, your hair is still wet!). How many times have you wanted to multitask while drying your hair? Fix your makeup. Button your shirt. Anything. Even if just for a few seconds. This is your hair-drying liberation.

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Oh, and it also comes with a nozzle, a diffuser, a 2 oz. bottle of CHI Silk Infusion and a 2 oz. bottle of CHI Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray. I am up to my ears in styling product so I won’t keep the heat-protective items but how nice to give them to a friend. And as for the nozzle and diffuser, as someone with wavy hair who goes both ways, how perfect to have both attachments.


Here’s another big selling point for me, while only a small detail. The cord is super long. And that is super awesome. Because sometimes you gotta do things and get far while drying that mane. But it also has a velcro fastener to keep it wrapped nice and neat. There is nothing more unsightly than cord gone wild.

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This hairdryer seriously makes me want to blow out my hair more. It’s like my guy with a new gadget. And it blows out my hair so quickly and so quietly, with the settings I get to choose, while minimizing damage. SUCH A SCORE.

Who knows. Maybe given my new toy and my recent work doing light hair styling (in addition to makeup, as usual) for Maybelline digital campaigns, I’ll finally turn into a hair girl. Like a 20-step braided updo and retro S waves kind of girl. Ya nevahhhh know.

The CHI Touch 2 Touch Screen Dryer sells for $199.98 at Loxa Beauty, or $189.95 at Ulta when in stock. And if you’re like me, and a hairdyer will last you years, it’s truly great value for all that time and usage.

Wishing you good hair days, everyone!