CHI Touch 2 Touch Screen Dryer


Looking for a new hairdryer with some serious drying technology? CHI recently launched the Touch 2 touch screen dryer that has a sleek, compact design and has a slip-resistant finish. It can also transform into a hands free device and uses CHI ceramic technology to produce moist heat and a consistent temperature.


The CHI Touch 2 is the only dryer that allows you to personalize it for your hair texture. The touch screen control has a unique speedometer that provides customization with intelligent settings that control the temperature, ions, and speed. The CHI Touch 2 also includes a built-in 3D ion generation system that emits over 3x times more ionic output that you can adjust with just a touch of the finger. It allows you to increase the ionic output for thick coarse hair while normal to fine hair needs less ions.


CHI Touch 2 retails for $199.99 and is available at fine salons and online retailers like and