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Master the Ultimate Blonde Transformation With CHI Bleach & Shine

Master the Ultimate Blonde Transformation With CHI Bleach & Shine

Blonde ambitions are easier (and healthier) to reach than ever with CHI Bleach & Shine, new from the hair geniuses at Farouk Systems, Inc. This extraordinary lightening system is a colorist’s dream. Boasting an impressive 9+ levels of lift and infused with the nourishing essence of aloe and natural oils, CHI Bleach & Shine is sure to take center stage in your blonding sessions this season. CHI Bleach & Shine’s natural ingredients work to add a glossy sheen while delivering a reliable, glowing lift that you and your blonde-loving clients are sure to love. Here’s how you can master the ultimate blonde transformation with CHI Bleach & Shine!

Formula 1

Use a 1/1 mixing ratio of CHI Bleach & Shine, CHI 20 Volume Color Generator, and Royal Treatment Bond Rebuilder (2 pumps per oz. of bleach.)

Formula 2

Using your LG CHI Color Master Factory, mix 11i + 11n in equal parts with CHI 10 Volume Color Generator.

Get the Look!

Step 1

Generously spray CHI Bond & Seal on hair to protect the scalp, strengthen bonds in the hair, and equalize the porosity and pH of the hair.

Step 2

Using foils, apply Formula 1 in small sections, beginning with the front/money piece and working your way from there.

Step 3

Using foils, continue this process all around the head, making sure to get full, consistent coverage.

Ultimate Blonde Transformation
Ultimate Blonde Transformation

Step 4

Leave the hair to process for no longer than 45 minutes.

Step 5

Gently remove your foils and rinse. Follow with Formula 2 to tone the hair and cut down on any brassiness.

Step 6

Style as usual with your favorite CHI tool (we recommend the CHI LAVA series) and bask in the beauty of the ultimate blonde transformation you’ve created!

Farouk Systems, Inc. is a company created by hairstylists, for hairstylists. For more science-focused, nature-based resources that are sure to transform your salon, check out pro.chi.com.

LG CHI Color Master Factory Express Introduces CHI Express Color and CHI Vibratone.

LG CHI Color Master Factory Express Introduces CHI Express Color and CHI Vibratone.

LG CHI Color Master Factory Express

For colorists, staying ahead of the game means finding reliable, time-saving salon solutions. Enter two new updates to the first-to-market LG CHI Color Master Factory: The new CHI express color line and the all new Vibratone collection. The CHI express color line produces stunning color in just 10 minutes, while the Vibratone collection includes 18 vibrant colors right at your fingertips! Now, with these updates to the LG CHI Color Master Factory, hairdressers can deliver vibrant, long-lasting color in a fraction of the time.

Save Time With Express Color

Made in complete-coverage shades, CHI® express color is a range of 17 ammonia-free shades that give hairstylists color that works in just 10 minutes. (5 minutes for men’s or short cuts!) CHI® express color adds 17 shades to the LG CHI Color Master Factory in neutral, warm, and ash tones, while using existing Color Master canisters. It works for clients looking for 100% gray coverage, touch-ups, and even as an add-on service.

This new feature has an updated formula that combines a unique amino acid with high-performing color pigments. It also includes aloe, silk, ceramic and natural oils to quicken the oxidation process for a shorter, gentler processing time. As a result, you can score high-quality results faster. More time, more clients, more profits!

Explore the Spectrum with Vibratone

Made with creative stylists and daring clients in mind, the CHI Vibratone collection offers a collection of 18 vibrant shades, which include a. mixture of bold, playful colors and earthy neutral shades. Perfect for toning, glazing, or permanent results, the CHI Vibratone Collection is a must-have for colorists who love to utilize the color wheel to its fullest extent.

Unlock Optimal Mixing Ratios

  • Achieve the perfect mixing ratio for CHI Express Color by using a 1 to 1 mixing ratio with 20 volume bleach and process for 10 minutes (5 for short cuts.)
  • For Vibratone colors, you can expect optimal toning or glazing results with a 1 to 1 formula of CHI Vibratone color and 5 volume developer applied for 20 minutes at room temperature.
  • To achieve permanent results with Vibratone use a 1 to 1 formula of CHI Vibratone color and 10 volume developer for 30 minutes at room temperatures.

Achieve Results With the LG CHI Color Master

Used exclusively on the LG CHI Color Master Factory, CHI express color and Vibratone are set to be game changers for salons worldwide. Since its release, the LG CHI Color Master Factory has revolutionized salons worldwide, offering the perfect upgrade into the digital era. This dream machine, created to help colorists level up their color game and expand their salons’ efficiency, is a must-have for every modern salon. Shop yours at colormaster.chi.com.