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Happy Black History Month from Farouk Systems Inc.!

Happy Black History Month from Farouk Systems Inc.!

Before Black History Month comes to an end, one of our very own platform educators and Master Stylist, Kewonia Grimes has provided an easy step by step tutorial on how to properly use the CHI Deep Brilliance and CHI Bond + Seal Lightening System when styling a client.

 CHI Bond + Seal Lightening System

Professional Tutorial

Step One: Start off by using the CHI Bond & Seal Treatment before adding any chemical to the hair to lower the pH level and ensure the hair cuticles are closed. Following after that, apply the Deep Brilliance Silk Conditioning Relaxer.

Step Two: Use the Deep Brilliance Protein Masque and Deep Brilliance Leave In Treatment together once the relaxer has been put in your client’s hair. Stay by the washing bowl and leave the relaxer in their hair for 15 minutes. Once 15 minutes has gone by, thoroughly rinse and dry their hair then proceed with the third step.

Step Three: Next, use the CHI Bleach & Shine once the hair is thoroughly dry. We recommend using the CHI Color Generator 10 Volume or the CHI Color Generator 20 Volume because they are great for maintaining the integrity of the hair.

Step Four: Apply the CHI Bleach and Shine to your client’s hair to supply moisture because it is formulated with hemp oil and aloe vera. These two ingredients are good for providing conditioning, protection, moisture and essential nutrients to the hair.

Step Five: Then, you will apply the CHI Bond & Seal Treatment to the hair to act as a natural bonder which is good for protecting and strengthening the bonds before, during and after the color and/or lightening service.

Step Six: Lastly, be sure to use the CHI Bond & Seal Treatment to finalize this service because it helps lower the pH level to close the hair’s cuticle.

Farouk Systems Loses a Great Friend- Andy Lazzari

Farouk Systems Loses a Great Friend- Andy Lazzari

The beauty industry recently lost a dear friend, Andy Lazarri. Andy was part of a team of great colorists, barbers and stylists that included Sam Lapin (the Father of Color) and Dr. Farouk Shami. They worked together for both Roffler and Framesi. Andy also won “Stylist of the Year” from the Association Master Barber Beauty America (AMBB) as well as competing in the National USA Championship in Men’s Styling. He went on to become a distributor for the Pennsylvania area as well as a successful salon owner of Hairtique. Working for years with Dr. Farouk Shami, Andy was one of the first to sell Farouk Systems’ Sunglitz Lightening System in Pennsylvania back in 1986 when Dr. Farouk Shami formed the company.

Andy Lazarri was instrumental in creating and molding the beauty industry in Southwestern Pennsylvania and West Virginia – in an era when beauty began to evolve into a brand-new thrilling industry.

His work over the course of decades created excitement and energy that fueled the growth of professional beauty. Whether he was calling on salon owners, managing talent on stage at fashion shows and conventions, winning a World Championship or working to solve problems in the conference room, Andy was always involved and dedicated to excellence in our incredible beauty industry.

Andy taught fellow stylists and co-workers that we should love what we’re doing and really listen to each other. He had a remarkable way of making us feel loved and always made us smile.

Andy is survived by his wife Pat.

Texas Agriculture Matters: Episode with Farouk Shami

Texas Agriculture Matters: Episode with Farouk Shami

Our very own Dr. Farouk Shami was featured on the exclusive TV show, “Texas Agriculture Matters” which is hosted by Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Sid Miller and broadcasted on the TV channel, “RFD TV.” Originally launched in 2000, RFD TV is a 24 hour TV network that showcases programs about Texas rural lifestyles, agriculture, agribusiness, equine and more.

On this episode of Texas Agriculture Matters, Dr. Farouk shared the news about the CHI Natural Garden becoming certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture back in September of 2020. Aloe vera is one of the main ingredients found in CHI and BioSilk products such as shampoo, conditioner, hand sanitizer, lotion, moisturizing oils and even hair color. All of our haircare and hair colors are made in Houston, TX which makes us a proud Texas manufacturer and Made in the USA.

CAT Training with CHI “Around the World”

CAT Training with CHI “Around the World”

It’s finally that time of year again! We are excited to announce we will be hosting our highly anticipated Creative Artist Team (CAT) Training this month! From the convenience of your own device, you will have the opportunity to learn about special tips you can use to enhance your craft and the latest beauty trends to watch out for in 2021.

Premiering on February 22, 2021, at 10 a.m. CST, you will get the chance to meet and learn from some of the awesome hair stylists and barbers we work closely with such as Mego Ayvazian, Rob Diaz, Amber Compian, Patrick Kalle, Anna Cantu and Jason & Madison Schwind.

Because this training is designed for professional hairstylists and barbers around the country, we are also eager to have the stylists discuss some of their techniques and expertise during training as well as share some of the exclusive product and tools launches we have in store for CHI.

Featured Products & Tools for CHI CAT Training:

Featured Techniques:

  • Proper coloring
  • Proper haircutting
  • Professional styling
  • Professional barbering

We look forward to spreading knowledge and providing tactics on how you can excel professionally in the hair and beauty industry.  It will be our pleasure to have you join us online for such a special event. If you are interested in attending the CAT Training, you can view it at shows.chi.com.

Farouk Systems, Inc. Sustains Growth and Global  Expansion in 2020

Farouk Systems, Inc. Sustains Growth and Global Expansion in 2020

Despite COVID-19, FSI withstood a pandemic by focusing on company strengths to create new products, haircare, and tools – all while giving back


Houston, TX. – Farouk Systems, Inc. (FSI), a trusted company for the latest beauty and personal care products for both men and women, experienced a banner year in 2020 with a 30% increase in sales due to opening several new divisions. These included BioSilk® Health + Beauty, CHI Footwear and the purchase of Exonda Salon Tools GmbH. Despite COVID-19, Founder and Chairman Dr. Farouk Shami re-invented the company’s potential by using its many strengths and talents to carry FSI through 2020 in records ways.

When COVID-19 hit our shores, Dr. Shami, along with Dr. Roy Joseph, Farouk Systems’ Vice President of Research and Development, worked on suppling Americans with products to protect themselves against the virus. The result led to the formation of a new division called BioSilk® Health + Beauty which started with hand sanitizer and then expanded to produce a full line of anti-bacterial products with organic Aloe for the hands, body and hair. Aloe based hand sanitizers were created under the CHI® Haircare brand name as well. This organic aloe is grown on FSI’s own farmland. In fact, the Texas Department of Agriculture certified the company’s CHI® Natural Gardens as Organic for Aloe Vera in 2020.

Once the hand sanitizer was completed and approved, the company donated millions of dollars of it to the cities, first responders, medical personnel and citizens of Texas. To ensure quality and protection, they were also was nursed approved and the company initiated donations of their anti-bacterial products to nurses across the country. FSI did not stop there but continued throughout 2020 with a mission of giving back. They offered CHI® and BioSilk® products to women’s homeless shelters, the elderly, churches, schools, food banks, community programs and youth organizations. Donations toppled over $15 Million for the year.


As the pandemic grew, FSI went into yet another area of protection by creating CHI® Life. This line included the launches of a UV Light Lamp and Handheld UV Light Wand as well as an Automatic Dispenser for Hand Sanitizer and Soap.

As Farouk Systems completed its goal of creating and manufacturing a full set of anti-bacterial products and devices, they still expanded their beauty offerings and innovations as normal. This resulted in:

  • Purchasing Exonda Salon Tools GmbH, a leading international supplier of high-quality hairdressing tools that are “Made in Germany” to expand their hair tool offerings. A recent successful launch included the CHI Lava 2.0 at the end of 2020
  • Securing a collaboration with Mattel to launch the CHI x Barbie Haircare line found exclusively at ULTA Beauty and Khols
  • CHI & LG Create 1st Hair Color Factory in the world called The ColorMaster to instantly create over 30,000 formulations & dispense perfectly mixed hair color in under 2 minutes!
  • Launching the Beyond Glow Botanical Skincare with their partners LG Household and Health Care, Ltd.
  • Creating the company’s own Clean Beauty Campaign
  • Launching ProCHI.com, a platform for professional hairdressers as well as digital education and webinars totaling over 5,142 classes
  • Expanding into the world of fashion by creating a line of graphene and anti-bacterial sneakers for their CHI® Footwear division. The line encompasses both ceramic and graphene technology, helps to kill bacteria, reduce odor and provide comfort and protection while energizing your feet.

In addition, FSI’s tools and styling products secured multiple beauty awards from Allure, SELF, and Refinery29 to name a few plus achieving viral status on TikTok with their CHI® Spin N Curl. They also launched items like the CHI® Lava 2.0, CHI® Volumizer 4-in-1 Blowout Brush, CHI® Spin N Curl Pro, CHI® Spin N Curl Compact, CHI® Aromatherapy Line, CHI® Hemp Bleach Bond & Seal and BioSilk® Tahitian Vanilla.

After an amazing 2020, what is next in 2021?

More than ever, Farouk Systems will demonstrate its creative geniuses by launching a series of new hair color products like CHI® Chroma Paint. New launches will also include CHI® Vibes for the young at heart, CHI® Man, new CHI® tools utilizing German engineering and BioSilk® Health + Beauty line extensions. Plus, stay tuned as Dr. Shami begins work on an Organic Aloe vitamin concentrate for an overall, healthier body.

According to Dr. Farouk Shami, “Without a doubt, Farouk Systems, Inc. will surpass all expectations in the years to come. Our staff, chemists, sales and marketing will deliver whatever the need or want is.”

No Matter the Circumstances, Farouk Systems Strives to Thrive!

No Matter the Circumstances, Farouk Systems Strives to Thrive!

In the midst of an unforeseen year, Farouk Systems Inc. is happy to still be thriving, diversifying and expanding internally within our company. We are happy to honor and highlight three of our staff members on their promotions: Dilia Alves as the CHI Brand Manager, Marci Vasquez as the BioSilk Brand Manager and Tori Cooper as the Content Manager. These ladies have played a vital role here at Farouk Systems Inc. Read below to get to know them better!

Marci Vasquez

Dilia Alves: Dilia was first hired as a Marketing Retail Account Manager back in 2018. Currently as the CHI Brand Manager, she is responsible for managing the retail product portfolio as well as the chains, licensing, and professional product catalog. Dilia says that her favorite hair products are the CHI Lava 2.0, CHI Keratin Silk Infusion and BioSilk Miracle 17.

Marci Vasquez

Marci Vasquez: Marci was initially hired as a Marketing Coordinator back in 2014. Currently as the Brand Manager for BioSilk, Marci is in charge of growing the Biosilk brand with brand recognition and expanding the Biosilk portfolio. What Marci enjoys the most about working at FSI is the friendly environment, training new hires and the creative freedom that is encouraged amongst the team. Marci says that her favorite hair products are the Biosilk Conditioning Balm, Biosilk Silk Therapy, and Royal Treatment Pearl Complex.


Tori Cooper: Tori started off as a Marketing Coordinator back in 2019. Currently as the Content Manager, Tori is responsible for creating and executing all digital content for BioSilk and CHI. What Tori enjoys most about working for FSI is how hands-on the process of creating, branding and marketing the products can be. Tori’s favorite product to use is the Lava 1” iron because it makes straightening her hair easy and requires less heat.


We thank you ladies for your female leadership and look forward to the plans you have in store for the company!