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Change It Up with CHI Man

Change It Up with CHI Man

When the weather gets warmer, it’s all about switching it up, and we have the perfect style for your male clients to try. With the help of CHI Man, Red Deer Barber clippers, and this styling guide, you are sure to make your client stand out this summer!


Get the Look

*Styling steps created by the CHI Education Department

Step 1

Pre-lighten the “color pop area” with CHI Bond + Lightening System and the CHI Color Generator 10 Volume. Process for up to 50 minutes or until pale yellow is reached.

Step 2

Rinse out product, shampoo client with CHI Man’s “The One” 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash, then towel dry hair.

Step 3

Using a freestyle point cutting technique, cut the “top crop” area to desired length.

Step 4

In the “color pop area,” apply CHI Chroma Paint Blue Crush and CHI Chromashine Grass Roots in a desired pattern.

Step 5

Process for 10 minutes under low heat followed by a 5 minute cool down. Rinse out your client’s hair until water runs clear and then apply CHI Color Lock Treatment for a full 5 minutes. Then rinse out the product.

Step 6

Use your Red Deer Clippers with the Barber Blade attachment and cut at the nape and sides of your client in a closed position to create the drop fade.

Step 7

Next, open the blade and cut above the previous section in a rocking motion.

Step 8

Using the #3 attachment for the Red Deer clippers, blend above the previous section in a rocking motion.

Step 9

Open the lever and blend above the previous section.

Step 10

Using your Red Deer Clippers, bald out the hairline and then edge up that same area.

Step 11

Using your texturizing shears, texturize your client by going straight up using the “scissor over comb” technique to remove the bulk on the sides.

Step 12

Add any desired designs requested by your client.

Step 13

Mist your client’s hair with the CHI Man Low Maintenance Texturizing Spray and finger style into place using the CHI Nano Dryer.

Step 14

Finish off this look with the CHI Man Nitty Gritty Clay.

Happy National Hairdresser Day!

Happy National Hairdresser Day!

To celebrate National Hairdresser Day, we would like to express how appreciative we are of hairdressers, your hard work and your creativity. You have the unique ability to envision a style and make it come to life with styling tools, quality products and of course your undeniable skill! Classic and sophisticated, the “silk press” style is known to be a signature look for many clients and of course you can’t create a silk press without silk! Check out this blog to learn how to create the perfect silk press for your clients!

Get the Look

*Styling steps created by the CHI Education Department

Step 1

Prep your client’s hair using the CHI Keratin Mist and comb through from their roots to their ends to easily distribute.

Step 2

Part and section your client’s hair into four quadrants.

Step 3

Begin to blowdry your client’s hair using the CHI Titanium Digital Dryer until it is completely dry from their roots to their ends.

Step 4

Mist your client’s hair with CHI 44 Iron Guard, gently comb through and then section your client’s hair into four quadrants.

Step 5

Create subsections within each quadrant so that it is easy for you to style your client’s hair.

Step 6

Starting at the nape of their head, use the CHI Titanium XL 1″ Hairstyling Iron to thoroughly smooth the hair out from the roots to the ends.

Watch CHI Master Educator and Texture Specialist, Coniec Parker, create a phenomenal blow dry and silk press!

CHI’s Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Iron is named “Sleekest Flat Iron”

CHI’s Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Iron is named “Sleekest Flat Iron”

CHI Lava Flat Iron

CHI Haircare is ecstatic to announce the 2021 Beauty Award they received from Good Housekeeping! Under the “Supreme Hair Helpers” category, the CHI Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Iron is titled the “Sleekest Flat Iron,” making it one of the best tools to buy!

According to the Good Housekeeping (GH) Institute Beauty Lab, “This state-of-the-art speed straightener” earned a rare perfect score from Lab expert evaluators. It heated up to 96% of its maximum temperature in 60 seconds, it scored best for fully straightening hair and keeping it frizz-free all day.”

This iron is unique compared to other CHI tools because the CHI Lava has a unique composition of lava minerals, which keeps your hair safe from heat damage and protects your hair color.

This innovative combination of lava minerals offers an incredibly smooth styling surface for effortless glide-ability. Minerals found in the volcanic lava even help to strengthen the hair while creating impressively silky and shiny styles.

Shop CHI today for professional, dynamic flat irons with an outstanding performance!


CHI Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Iron

CHI Lava Flat Iron

Eco-Friendly for Everyone!

Eco-Friendly for Everyone!

Good news! We are excited to be officially “essentially eco-friendly” in the new year! What this means is that we will be providing you with quality and natural products!  Did you know that we cultivate organic aloe and soon to be feminized hemp seedlings for the products you use everyday? Back in September 2020, our CHI Natural Garden was certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture and has contributed towards the launch of the BioSilk Health + Beauty collection to create a line of antibacterial products.


That’s not the only thing that has Dr. Farouk Shami in the spotlight. Recently, he was interviewed by Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Sid Miller on an episode of “Texas Agriculture Matters” which was broadcasted on “RFD TV.”

Farouk Shami In Aloe Vera Field - Featured - CHI Organic Hand Sanitizer

We also take pride in playing our part and giving back to the community as much as we can. Throughout 2020, we donated over $15 million worth of haircare products and hand sanitizers to local food banks, homeless shelters, school districts, hospitals and different counties around the city of Houston. Dr. Shami mentions “as the world battles COVID-19 and Global Warming continues to affect our climate and atmosphere, we must take heed and do our part to improve our environment for all.”


Reducing Our Ecological Footprint One Step at a Time:

Here at Farouk Systems Inc. we don’t let anything go to waste. Instead, we have created different efficiency programs for us to recycle and utilize many materials we have left over.

Materials we Recycle, Reduce or Reuse at FSI:

  • Plastic
  • Air emissions
  • Metal
  • Cardboard
  • Waste ethanol
  • Waste minimization
  • Energy efficiency

What being “essentially eco-friendly” means to us is protecting our customers at all costs which is why we’ve launched a variety of sanitizing products and tools. We urge you to put your health first while staying beautiful.

Shop CHI Sanitizing Products:

CHI Life Germicidal UV Light Lamp
CHI Life Room Sanitizer
CHI Life Handheld UV Light Wand
CHI Nano
Hair Dryer
CHINanoDryer6 CHI Haircare - Professional Hair Tools
CHI Natural Gardens Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

Shop BioSilk Sanitizing Products:

Moisturizing Hand 2 Sanitizer Spray
with Alcohol & Peroxide

CHINanoDryer6 CHI Haircare - Professional Hair Tools

Biosilk Moisturizing
Hand Sanitizer


Biosilk Health + Beauty Intro Kit

CHINanoDryer6 CHI Haircare - Professional Hair Tools

Biosilk Health + Beauty 9-1-1 Hair Rescue Kit


Shop Beyond Glow Products:

Beyond Glow Skincare

CHINanoDryer6 CHI Haircare - Professional Hair Tools
Behind the Chair with Anna Cantu!

Behind the Chair with Anna Cantu!

Credit: BehindTheChair.com

It’s an accomplishing feeling when you can style your client exactly how they want, all in one session. Whether it’s a quick style or color transformation, as a professional hairdresser, you are trusted to make your client’s vision come to life. One of our very own Global Board Artists, Anna Cantu has shared an easy styling tutorial for you on how to transform a client from brunette to blonde.

1. Tone As You Lift For Cool Results

The key factor for single-session blonde-to-brunette transformations is lifting. Anna used CHI Bleach & Shine Lightener, starting with 20-volume and working up to 30-volume. The natural blue tone started to neutralize yellow and orange pigments that were exposed when lifting.

Bleach & Shine is also great for single sessions because you CAN use heat for maximum lift. As the foils were processing, Anna decided to do 10 minutes under some heat to kick off the lift, and then another 20 minutes without heat.

2. Foil Placement For Maximum Impact

It’s all about details…especially around the client’s hairline, which is why Anna took 1/8-inch and 1/2-inch babylight sections with darker, Level 3 canvases.

“It’s so important to take fine sections that you can see through,” says Anna. “Don’t cheat with bigger sections or you won’t achieve enough impact in only one session.”

Sectioning Breakdown

  • Face Frame: Create a triangle shape through the top
  • Ears: Create diagonal parts near the ear points on both sides
  • Top temple area: Create a U-shape part to the apex, then create a triangle from that point to both of the ear points
  • Back: Create a low V-part into the nape area for hairline detail
  • The ends of the hair: Balayage

3. What if the Foils Process too Fast?

If you notice during the foil application process that some sections are looking brighter than others, don’t stress out! To slow down lifting, Anna suggests using the CHI Bond & Seal Treatment. You then should grab a towel and mist directly on the hair to slow down lightener activation and gently dab it. It also helps equalize the porosity and pH levels.


Other Ways You Can Use Bond & Seal

  • Protection- mist all over your client’s hair before sectioning and lifting, especially on prelightened ends.
  • Preparation- Formulated with aloe vera, it is good for conditioning the hair.
  • Retail- Clients love to try the products they see their stylists use when getting serviced. Because the Bond & Seal is a natural bonder, it is really easy to use at home!

4. What if My Client Has Been Previously Blonde?

If your client has already had pre-lightened ends, Anna suggests the “balayage” method as a quick way to add brightness in between foils. She recommends mixing CHI® Bleach & Shine with a developer (1:2) for the best consistency. To finalize this process, Anna encourages you to paint the ends in a V-shape and then use saran wrap to control the heat.


Bond & Seal FAQ

Bond & Seal FAQ


Because you are a professional hairstylist, it is important to stay up to date on all the latest trends and salon services which is why you need the CHI Bond + Lightening System by your side! Below we will answer some common questions and discuss how to use the CHI Bond & Seal and CHI Bleach & Shine as a system to not only make sure your client is satisfied but to also make sure they come back again.

How to Use the CHI Bond + Lightening System


“What are the best products to use on a client who has colored their hair or wants to lighten their hair?”

The best system to use during these type of service is the CHI Bleach & Shine, CHI Bond & Seal. the CHI Color Generator because these products are able to protect bonds before, during, and after the color lighting service while also maintaining the health of your client’s hair.

“What are the best products to use on a client who has colored their hair or wants to lighten their hair?

The Bond & Seal allows you to slow down processing in areas of the hair that may lift too fast. It is also good for protecting the scalp, strengthening the bonds, and equalizing the pH balance of the hair.

Overall, the CHI Bond & Seal allows the stylist to have control over the lightning action to even out the color results.

“How long should we leave the Bond & Seal in our client’s hair?”

The processing time ultimately depends on the condition of the hair and how many levels you would like to lift the client’s hair. For phenomenal results, it’s best to check every 3-5 minutes until your desired results are achieved.

Pro Tip: If processing under heat, wash the product out after 15 minutes.

“How is hemp beneficial for hair?”

Hemp oil contains fatty acids, nutrients, and vitamins that provide moisture and protection to your hair. Hemp seeds are also high in protein and good for strengthening the hair and preventing breakage during the lightening service.

“How is aloe vera beneficial for my hair?”

Aloe vera is rich in amino acids, essential nutrients, water, polysaccharides, and sugar which offers excellent conditioning properties and protection while moisturizing the scalp and hair. Amino acids are also good for improving elasticity and strength while the sugar, water, and polysaccharides are a natural humectant that retains hair moisture.

CHI Bond plus Ingredient Images

When using the products from the CHI Bond + Lightening System, you can be confident in knowing that you are protecting the condition of your client’s crown and making them look beautiful all in one service.

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CHI Color Generator 20 Volume

CHI Color Generator 20 Volume