In typical fashion, Farouk Systems, Inc. stole the show at Premiere Orlando 2024, proving once again why it’s one of the most prestigious and highly anticipated hair care brands in the industry.

From the moment the show floor opened on June 2nd-3rd, electrifying energy filled the Orlando/Orange County Convention Center as hair enthusiasts and industry professionals gathered at the Farouk Systems, Inc. booth to witness the latest trends, techniques, and jaw-dropping artistry from some of the most talented hairstylists in the world.

World-Class Artists

With a lineup featuring established icons, this year’s showcase raised the bar higher than ever before, leaving attendees in awe and inspiring the next industry trendsetters. The stellar lineup of world-class artists included Mego Ayvazian, Bradley Tuggle, Anna Cantu, and Rocky Vitelli. As always, their work was of the highest caliber, capturing the audience’s attention with informative performances.

The artists showcased cutting-edge products such as the LG CHI Color Master Factory, CHI Lava tools, the 10-minute ammonia-free CHI Color Express, and the Royal Treatment line among other must-have products for salons and beauty professionals.

The Artistic Realm of CHI Hair Care

Farouk Systems, Inc. is persistent in its commitment to leveraging innovation as a driving force for delivering exceptional products and experiences to its valued customers. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge discoveries, we aim to redefine the industry benchmarks.

Our investments in pioneering research and development initiatives position us at the forefront of exploring groundbreaking formulations, technological breakthroughs, and sustainable practices that have the potential to revolutionize the industry.

With a commitment to excellence and leading emerging trends, Farouk Systems, Inc. remains dedicated to its mission to deliver transformative haircare experiences that consistently surpass expectations, solidifying its position as a leader in driving innovation within the industry.

See Premiere Orlando 2024 Show Highlights

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