Your color services can be accomplished more swiftly than ever—think 10-minute processing—with the new CHI Color Express non-ammonia permanent hair color. 

We’re not talking about you-know-who here, we’re talking about a new way to speed up your hair color services and increase the number of clients you can do in a day. With CHI Color Express non-ammonia permanent hair color, you can apply and process color so SWIFTLY, you’ll be able to fit more clients and still leave work in time to pick up your kids after school. “I have doubled my current clients,” says CHI Artist McKenzie Lehmann, @mckenzielehmann. “I’m making considerably more money, but even better, the extra time I get at home with my family is priceless!”

Seeing is believing. Watch how a complete grey retouch is accomplished in just a few minutes, leaving hair looking shiny and fresh.


Up until now, processing time has been the bitter pill that stylists and clients have had to swallow. There was no way around it, with long processing times leading to too much non-productive downtime for pros. Processing time can also be a deterrent for clients who simply don’t have the time or desire to sit in the salon.

Watch this men’s grey blending how-to—just five minutes to achieve a natural look.

With CHI Color Express, you can process a root touch-up or grey blending in just 10 minutes, and a men’s grey blending in just 5 minutes. The new hair color is a concentrated blend with exceptional penetrability, resulting in processing that’s fast yet gentle. And the list of CHI Color Express services doesn’t stop there. Stylists are using it for root melting, root smudging, short hair, and for quick, last-minute add-ons. “One of the most exciting  things that is happening in my business,” says Lehmann, “is I’m able to accommodate clients during the day—say over a lunch break—who weren’t able to take the time out from their busy schedules to spend an hour or more in the salon while their color processed.”

Although CHI Color Express processes swiftly, it doesn’t skimp on good-for-the-hair ingredients.


In addition to the fact that CHI Color Express works so quickly, pros can be confident that it will take good care of their clients’ hair. The creamy, ammonia-free formula protects sensitive scalps, contains antioxidants to help prevent color fading, adds intense moisturizing and conditioning to hair and seals the cuticle to minimize damage and breakage. According to Lehmann, you’ll see vibrant color and shine, massive light reflection and high levels of depth and dimension.

Like all CHI hair color formulas, CHI Color Express features a carefully curated lineup of hair-coddling ingredients, including:

  • Hyaluronic Acid, a popular skin care ingredient that provides massive infusions of hydration. Its water-retaining capacity enables it to form a thin film on the hair, preventing moisture loss and ensuring optimal hydration for both the hair and scalp, resulting in radiant and smooth hair.
  • Aloe Vera, widely known as nature’s natural moisturizing agent. It’s rich in essential nutrients, amino acids and vitamins, offering excellent conditioning properties and protection while providing moisture to dry and sensitive scalps.
  • Silk Protein, a foundational ingredient of all CHI formulas, strengthens, moisturizes, adds shine, and protects the hair. Silk contains 17 out of the 19 amino acids found in human hair, making it one of the strongest fibers in the world, capable of bonding with and repairing hair from the inside out.
CHI Color Express comes in 20 shades, covers grey completely and is ideal for root retouches, root smudges, men’s grey blending and more.


CHI Color Express comes in 20 rich shades and offers full grey coverage. “It’s the best grey coverage color I have ever used,” declares Lehmann. (If hair is extremely resistant, you may want to increase the processing time to 15 minutes.)

“I also use it for my root shadows and for toning,” she adds. “I love, love, love the 7A in this range–it’s a perfect cool, light brown that works beautifully with my Bronze Blondes. You can also mix the Express Color with shades in the standard series of CHI hair color, which really expands the color options in your palette. Best of all, you can just set the timer for 10 minutes and walk away. You don’t have to stress or worry because when your timer goes off, the color is processed and looks exactly the way you expect it to look!” 

CHI Color Express is available at Pro CHI, Cosmoprof, and Armstrong McCall.

Credit: Modern Salon Magazine