Imagine this: a client walks into your salon with fully silver hair, looking to return to their natural shade. Normally, this transformation would take hours of meticulous work and an array of ammonia-laden products. But with CHI Color Express, it’s a different story. Thanks to the hair scientists at Farouk Systems, Inc. covering a whole head of silver is as easy as one…two…three! If you have five minutes, you can give your short-haired silver clients their color back with CHI Color Express.

CHI Color Express is a game-changer in the world of professional hair coloring. Designed for stylists with busy schedules, this range of ammonia-free permanent hair dyes offers swift application and comprehensive gray coverage. It’s not just efficient; it’s also incredibly effective, delivering outcomes that rival traditional permanent colors.

For our male client seeking a swift transformation, CHI Color Express is the perfect solution. In just five minutes, we were able to fully dye his silver hair back to its natural brown shade. The process was smooth and hassle-free, leaving our client delighted with the results.

Before CHI Color Express
After CHI Color Express



This innovative line isn’t just for stylists on the go. It’s also ideal for clients looking for fast and convenient hair coloring solutions. Whether it’s a root touch-up, effective gray coverage, or men’s gray blending, CHI Color Express has you covered.

Formula 1: 1:1 ratio X4N Dark Brown + 20 Volume CHI Developer

Step One

Mix color and apply to the teeth of a comb.

Step Two

Gently brush the color through the hair from root to tip, beginning with the crown area and working your way down.

Step Three

Apply color to the sides, sideburn, and back area with a brush.

Stylist tip: This ammonia-free product is safe for facial hair and brows too!

Step Four

Let the color process for five minutes. Let process for ten minutes for longer or color treated hair.

Step Five

Rinse the hair and shampoo with CHI Royal Treatment Color Gloss Protecting Shampoo. Follow with CHI Royal Treatment Color Gloss Conditioner.

And voila! In just five minutes’ time, your clients can leave the silver behind and embrace a full head of color, leaving you with more happy clients per day and securing your salon another repeat customer. You can learn more about our CHI Color Express line at