Blonde ambitions are easier (and healthier) to reach than ever with CHI Bleach & Shine, new from the hair geniuses at Farouk Systems, Inc. This extraordinary lightening system is a colorist’s dream. Boasting an impressive 9+ levels of lift and infused with the nourishing essence of aloe and natural oils, CHI Bleach & Shine is sure to take center stage in your blonding sessions this season. CHI Bleach & Shine’s natural ingredients work to add a glossy sheen while delivering a reliable, glowing lift that you and your blonde-loving clients are sure to love. Here’s how you can master the ultimate blonde transformation with CHI Bleach & Shine!

Formula 1

Use a 1/1 mixing ratio of CHI Bleach & Shine, CHI 20 Volume Color Generator, and Royal Treatment Bond Rebuilder (2 pumps per oz. of bleach.)

Formula 2

Using your LG CHI Color Master Factory, mix 11i + 11n in equal parts with CHI 10 Volume Color Generator.

Get the Look!

Step 1

Generously spray CHI Bond & Seal on hair to protect the scalp, strengthen bonds in the hair, and equalize the porosity and pH of the hair.

Step 2

Using foils, apply Formula 1 in small sections, beginning with the front/money piece and working your way from there.

Step 3

Using foils, continue this process all around the head, making sure to get full, consistent coverage.

Ultimate Blonde Transformation
Ultimate Blonde Transformation

Step 4

Leave the hair to process for no longer than 45 minutes.

Step 5

Gently remove your foils and rinse. Follow with Formula 2 to tone the hair and cut down on any brassiness.

Step 6

Style as usual with your favorite CHI tool (we recommend the CHI LAVA series) and bask in the beauty of the ultimate blonde transformation you’ve created!

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