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From June 3rd – 5th, 2023, Farouk Systems, Inc., a multi-decade industry leader in beauty and haircare, made a grand exhibition at Premiere Orlando 2023, the largest beauty show in the United States. With an impressive lineup of renowned hairstylists, the hair geniuses at Farouk Systems, Inc. wowed attendees with captivating stage presentations showcasing the luxurious haircare line, Royal Treatment by CHI, the popular, all-vegan CHI Vibes line, hair-saving CHI LAVA tools, and the groundbreaking digital hair color formulator, the LG CHI Color Master Factory.

Hair and beauty industry professionals were treated to firsthand insights from Farouk Systems, Inc. experts, allowing them to master cutting-edge color techniques and stay at the forefront of trends. With esteemed hairstylists Mego Ayvazian, Anna Cantu, McKenzie Lehmann, Bradley Tuggle, and Rocky Vitelli hosting engaging demonstrations on the revolutionary LG CHI Color Master Factory, the company showcased its expertise and commitment to excellence.

Capable of formulating an unlimited array of demi, semi and permanent hair color combinations in under two minutes, the LG CHI Color Master Factory was the crown jewel in Farouk Systems, Inc.’s showcase. This state-of-the-art machine uses artificial intelligence paired with inimitable human artistry to help hairstylists achieve their best color formulations every time, increase client satisfaction, and help heal the planet by reducing shop waste by up to 30%.  

But the LG CHI Color Master Factory wasn’t the only eco-friendly showpiece Farouk Systems, Inc. brought to Premiere Orlando this year. The all-vegan CHI Vibes line of products and hair tools wowed attendees with its much-lauded multitasking products, such as CHI Vibes “Know It All” Multitasking Hair Protector, CHI Vibes “Start to Finish” Balm to Oil Primer & Finisher, and the large-barreled CHI Vibes “Hollywood Waves” Hairstyling Waver.

Premiere Orlando 2023 also provided the perfect platform for Farouk Systems, Inc. to introduce the new, luxurious, professionals-only haircare line, Royal Treatment by CHI. Attendees were captivated by the high-end products, formulated with the finest ingredients to rejuvenate and transform hair. This exclusive launch received enthusiastic acclaim, generating excitement among professionals aiming to elevate their salon services.

Farouk Systems, Inc.’s triumphant return to Premiere Orlando 2023 was marked by exceptional stage presentations, innovative hair color education, and the special brand of artistry only Farouk Systems, Inc. can provide. Once again, the company solidified its position as a trendsetter in the beauty industry, forever dedicated to the art and science of hair styling.

Premiere Orlando 2023 Show Highlights

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