Inspired by the vivid colors and languid ease of the French Riviera, this custom-created color formulation from the CHIC Collection by CHI is perfect for Avant Garde clients.

This watercolor-inspired look manages to look both edgy and ethereal, using a mix of warm and cool colors plucked straight from Riviera beaches, cool clear waters, and terracotta roofs overlooking pristine beaches. These beautiful colors are then hand painted onto an expertly-styled undercut pixie and styled into a head-turning upsweep that is part punk, part fairycore, and 100% high fashion. Learn to create this cut and color on your LG CHI Color Master Factory with the step by step below!


Formula 1: 1:1 CHI Bleach & Shine + 20 volume CHI Color Generator + 3 pumps of CHI Royal Treatment Bond Rebuilder (root touchup application)

Formula 2: 1oz Blorange + 1oz 10 volume CHI Color Generator

Formula 3 Root Area: 1oz 7v + 1oz Clear Additive + 2 shots red additive + 1 shot violet additive + 2oz 10 volume CHI Color Generator

Formula 4: Custom mixture of CHI Chroma Paint Blue Crush + CHI Chroma Paint Green with Envy + CHI Chroma Paint Pearl Glam. Formula 5: ½ oz Royal Violet + ½ 10 volume CHI Color Generator

Step 1: Mist the hair with CHI Bond & Seal

Step 2: Apply Formula 1 to new root area and process to your desired level.

Step 3: After applying the Bleach and Shine to the root area apply the products towards the end.


Result After Lightning Service Fase

Step 1: Rough dry hair and apply Formula 2 to sides and beck.

Step 2: Apply Formula 3 to the root about 1” down to create a shadow root.

Step 3: Apply Formula 4 to the mid-shaft and ends.

Step 4: Apply Formula 5 to three foils at the interior. Position one foil using your custom color mixture of CHI Chroma Paint, create an accent piece in the front hairline.



Step 1: Section the hair in four sections.

Step 2: After cutting the sides and back in uniform layering, we continue using a 45-degree razor in the crown parallel to fingers using a mobile guideline.

Step 3: Soften the graduation with horizontal razor over comb technique.

Step 4: Release the large triangle section. Over direct, using a 45-degree angle, to crown area using horizontal partings taking the guideline from crown and connect to back.

Step 5: Using razor over comb technique, hold horizontal and rotate razor to blend to uniform layering underneath.

Step 6: Connect the front triangle with stationary guide line from the crown.

Step 7: Distribute the hair in the natural fall and point cut softly diagonal forward.

Step 8: Comb the hair in S-shape in front of ear and blend cut diagonal forward.

Step 9: Clean contour lines with tip of shears.