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Farouk Systems, Inc. held its annual Creative Artistic Team (CAT) Training for international brand ambassadors in Houston, Texas. The two-day educational event featured the CHIC Collection by CHI, a series of trending hair colors created with the first to market digital color lab known as the LG CHI Color Master Factory.

The collection was conceived and created by Farouk Systems, Inc. extraordinaire artists Mego Ayvazian, Patrick Kalle, Wesley Palmer, Joshua Bernard, and Sarah Harris. They led hands-on classes showcasing the techniques used and color formulations created with the LG CHI Color Master Factory. Each ravishing look was inspired by global destinations including London, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Milan, and the French Riviera.

The artists immersed themselves in the digital playground of the LG CHI Color Master Factory. The system is designed to optimize the way hairdressers measure, formulate, dispense, and manage hair color to make their creative colorwork come to life. Artists shared how the digital color lab allows them to improve their creative expression and service quality with the innovative technology.

“I love my LG CHI Color Master Factory!” exclaimed Morgan Brack, a Dallas area salon professional. “It feels so futuristic—and it is! My clients are always so excited when I use it, and the quality of the color is just unmatched,” she added.

As the artists worked side by side telling stories, they were most inspired by Dr. Farouk Shami, chairman and founder of Farouk Systems, Inc. His passion for hair artistry and desire to equip hairdressers with the latest technology is felt by all who cross his path.

“I love that we all work together, regardless of our experience level, so we can learn from each other,” said Maria Santos, a Farouk Systems, Inc. artist for over 25 years. “Dr. Shami is responsible for making us feel so welcome. I always love coming here and learning new things,” she added.

According to Dr. Farouk Shami, “Our company has the touch, the drive, and the heart to keep pushing forward and creating better hair technology […].”