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Kickstart Your Pastels With This Color Correction Technique

What client (and hairdresser) doesn’t love light, dreamy pastels? Soft pinks, metallic lavenders and pale blues—sign us up! We’re all about these trendy hues, but let’s be real: They can be a little intimidating, especially if a client needs a major color correction to get the head-turning pastel they’re looking for.

Keep scrolling for Farouk Systems Creative Director Mego Ayvazian (@paulandmego)‘s tips for creating a clean slate for a melted, pastel result.

Watch the video above to get Mego’s pastel color formulas!



1. Prep the hair for major processing using a bonding agent 

Between color removal and plenty of lightener, color correction isn’t always easy on the client’s hair. Mego prefers to apply CHI Bond & Seal treatment with hemp and aloe prior to every color application. This natural bonder works to strengthen and protect the hair while lifting—an essential for making sure your client doesn’t leave the salon with brittle, lackluster locks.

2. Lift the hair to at least a Level 6 to achieve pastel results

To both remove previous color and lift the hair, Mego applied CHI Bleach & Shine Lightener that can lift up to nine levels. He prefers this specific lightener because of its strength, but also because it contains an infusion of hemp oil and aloe vera designed to prevent breakage and nourish the hair while processing.

Pro tip: Since color correcting can leave hair a little patchy, Mego recommends applying lightener to problem areas first or using a higher volume developer so they can process for a longer period of time.

3. Create custom pastel formulas (and allow your clients to try on their color virtually)

Mego takes his color service a step further with the LG CHI Color Master Factory, a digitally controlled color customization system with the possibility to create unlimited color formulations with exact precision.

Pro tip: This machine comes with an app-based simulation mode that allows artists and clients experiment with different hair colors before committing to the process! The x-ray camera reads the hair from the inside, giving you accurate color predictions and formulas.

Want to learn more about the LG CHI Color Master Factory? Click here for information about salon exclusive opportunities, lease programs, benefits and more!

Credit: behindthechair.com