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As a company founded by a hairstylist to help meet the needs of hairstylists and their clients all over the world, Farouk Systems, Inc. looks to hairstylists even today to aid in the creation of its new tools and products. One of the accomplished hairstylists who lends his voice to the creative team at Farouk Systems, Inc. is renowned hairstylist and Creative Director, Mego Ayvazian. Ayvazian is internationally known for his color work, updos and more, and can be seen onstage at the various beauty shows that Farouk Systems, Inc. attends each year, demonstrating new innovations, including the LG CHI Color Master Factory and the CHI Bond + Lightening System. We asked Ayvazian about the products he thinks every stylist (professional or casual) shouldn’t be without. Check out his picks below!

Mego’s Top 3 Tools

1. CHI Lava Pro Hair Dryer

“I love the CHI Pro Lava Hairdryer for a lot of reasons. The shape is unique, the heat is extremely consistent, and the power of the air helps reduce the drying time and makes it easy to blowdry. When you’re done, the hair looks much healthier and shinier. It also has a self-cleaning system, is very low noise and is light in your hand for easy styling.”

2. CHI LAVA 4d Hairstyling Iron

“The CHI Lava 4d Hairstyling Iron is amazing, whether you’re straightening, curling or waving the hair. What makes the 4d Hairstyling Iron special is the lava coated 2 additional plates on the outer shell which balances the heat in the hair. Also, it uses the power of the ceramic and lava minerals to let you create smooth and shiny hair in one pass.”

3. CHI LAVA Curl Shot

“The CHI Lava Curl Shot is a beautiful design. It’s really easy to hold and work with and makes powerful and balanced heat so you can create amazing curls that are shiny and brilliant. The extra cool shot button sets the curls so they last all day.”

Mego’s Top 3 Wet Line Products

1. CHI 44 Iron Guard

CHI 44 Iron Guard: the best hair protectant product in the world. As a professional my advice to every hairdresser or consumer is to use this product to keep their hair or their clients’ hair healthier and shinier every time you use heat.”

2. BioSilk Original Silk Therapy

BioSilk Original Silk Therapy is the best live in hair reconstructing and repairing treatment I’ve seen. It provides the ultimate shine, seals the damaged ends and makes hair healthier and smoother.”

3. CHI Bond and Seal (part of the CHI Bond + Lightening System)

CHI Bond and Seal is a new, natural bonding system that protects the hair from harsh chemicals and reconnects broken hair cuticles for healthier, shinier hair that’s in better condition when you finish styling than it was when you began.”