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If there is a style that has come to represent the 2020s, it is undoubtedly the money piece. This face-highlighting, nearly universally flattering style has become ubiquitous in salons over the past few seasons and shows no sign of fading away as Fall approaches. Farouk Systems, Inc. Brand Ambassador Wesley Palmer has his own signature technique for creating simplified, naturally-blended money pieces using a secret weapon to save money and time: The LG CHI Color Master Factory, a digital color customization lab that is revolutionizing salons worldwide.

“The LG CHI Color Master Factory is the most important product at my color bar,” Palmer stated, and with over 30,000 color combinations dispensed in under two minutes with a 30% reduction in salon waste, it’s clear how the LG CHI Color Master Factory is quickly becoming a dream machine for any colorist.

The LG CHI Color Master Factory uses waste-eliminating, easy-to-install color canisters and is controlled using an app, allowing stylists to easily formulate their clients’ color from their phones, as Palmer illustrates in the video. It also includes a tablet which allows stylists to preview color on their clients in Simulation Mode before they begin color formulation. The LG CHI Color Master Factory stores each client’s color profile, including their previous formulas, by both the client’s name and the stylist’s name, saving time and making having to mentally catalogue each client’s formulas a thing of the past.

In this video, Palmer uses the LG CHI Color Master Factory and the CHI Bond + Lightening System to blend the perfect shade for his client’s money piece.

“If you don’t have this, you need to,” said Palmer. “It’s an absolute game-changer and my new favorite bleach.”

The CHI Bond + Lightening System is a two-part lightening system that protects and repairs hair as it lifts, often leaving clients’ hair healthier and stronger than it was pre-bleaching. The Bleach & Shine is a gentler, more natural bleach which works with the protectant spray, Bond & Seal, to lighten hair while maintaining and even mending the bonds in the hair—naturally.

Now let’s break down this versatile, time-saving technique.

Wes Palmer’s 4-Foil Technique for Quick and Easy Money Pieces

Step 1: Follow the hair’s natural fall when creating your sections.

“It helps it look more natural but also avoids any struggle when it comes to sectioning.”

Place a comb on the client’s scalp and notice where the curvature of the head begins. Everything in front of the curve can be included in the money piece.

Step 2: Alternate techniques for a style that is natural yet impactful

Using a four-foil placement on the sides and the top later, Palmer alternates his application to create a bright money piece that blends naturally and grows out without an obvious line.

Note: spray each section with CHI Bond & Seal to minimize damage to the ends and mend the bonds as the bleach lifts.


  • First Foil: Use the weaving method to avoid a harsh grow-out line. Gently brush out the client’s baby hairs and leave them out of the foil. Use a gentle hand when pressing the foils.
  • Second Foil:Begin with the section directly behind the first foil and apply your Bleach & Shine. This will be the brightest section, and the area that has the highest concentration of CHI Bleach & Shine.
  • Third Foil:Take another section of hair, but omit a small subsection from the bottom, leaving hair out between the second and third foil to create dimension.
  • Fourth Foil:Finish the subsection off by returning to the weaving method to blend the entire section together in a way that works naturally with the fall of the hair behind the money piece.

Step 3: Briefly tone

Apply your toner, leaving on only 3 to 5 minutes to avoid darkening the hair.


Step 4: Wash and style your client’s new money piece.



Learn more about the LG CHI Color Master Factory at colormaster.chi.com!