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Farouk Systems, Inc. hosted a successful international distributors event at its corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas. The event served as a space where distributors could connect, network, and learn more about the company’s extensive portfolio of brands, including CHI, Biosilk, CHI Footwear, and Beyond Glow Skincare by CHI. Morocco, Turkey, Finland, Latvia, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Norway, Romania, France, Moldova, the Netherlands, Belarus, Pakistan, New Zealand, Lebanon, Poland, Russia, Mexico, Lithuania, and Germany.

“We welcome you and offer a place for everyone here,” said Dr. Farouk Shami, Chairman and Founder of Farouk Systems, Inc.

Attendees were greeted with guided tours of the Farouk Systems, Inc. production facilities. They were then wowed with a runway show of models boasting hair color created with the LG CHI Color Master Factory, a digital color lab that can create unlimited color formulations. Each of the models’ looks were carefully colored and styled by Farouk Systems, Inc. Creative Director Mego Ayvazian.

Dr. Shami along with other important company executives, including President of Professional Sales Lisa Marie Garcia, President of Retail Sales Farah Faulkner, and Vice President of Operations John Long, presented core business topics in marketing, sales, product development, and production. Discussions centered around growth potential, product launches, and many more exciting opportunities set to emerge.

“By bringing forward innovations coupled with in-depth education, Farouk Systems, Inc. is set to break boundaries with new launches, unique business opportunities, and partnerships geared for growth,” said Lisa Marie Garcia, President of Professional Sales.


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