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A beauty heat wave washed over Nevada when Farouk Systems, Inc. took center stage at the International Beauty Show (IBS) Las Vegas from June 25th-27 th. The haircare giant enticed beauty professionals with its latest products and tools, show-stopping main stage performances and industry-leading techniques using the LG CHI Color Master Factory.

Held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Farouk Systems, Inc. drew huge crowds of onlookers on the hunt for the best deals from all its brands, including CHI, BioSilk, Beyond Glow Skincare by CHI, and CHI Footwear.

For the first time in City of Lights, the LG CHI Color Master Factory — a digital color lab set to change color services in salons — made its debut. The innovative computer-controlled system allows salons to create unlimited color formulations and manage client details all in one place.

“We’re always thrilled to support professionals by offering the most innovative technology that helps them build their businesses and meet clients’ needs,” said Dr. Farouk Shami, Founder and Chairman of Farouk Systems, Inc.

The Farouk Systems, Inc. stage was also brimming with enthusiasm as attendees gathered to watch industry-greats showcase their artistry and business building techniques. Bradley Tuggle, Laurrin Rockingham, Josh Bernard, McKenzie Lehman, Luis Onate, and Wesley Palmer were among the Farouk Systems, Inc. artists demonstrating coveted skills and trending techniques as they highlighted the ease of creating any color imaginable with the LG CHI Color Master Factory.

The face-to-face interactions and connections with industry professionals created a successful experiential event that brought the world of beauty together.

“We’re thankful that so many industry professionals were eager to connect, explore the LG CHI Color Master Factory, and hone their techniques through our live education,” said Dr. Shami.

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