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Farouk Systems, Inc. recently hosted an LG CHI Color Master Factory training at its headquarters in Houston, TX. Hairdressers and barbers from all over the United States and Mexico received hands-on experience with the digitally controlled custom color machine that dispenses mixed hair color in under two minutes.

“Color is the foundation of salons now,” said Dr. Farouk Shami, chairman and founder of Farouk Systems, Inc. “For anyone to continue to work in the industry today, you need to also be a colorist. The LG CHI Color Master Factory makes it easy for everyone to be the colorist they want to be.”

The two-day training for salon professionals was packed with top-notch education about the future of hair color with the LG CHI Color Master Factory. Attendees learned with interactive presentations on everything from color formulation to client management system to become help experts on this new, revolutionary technology.

“We are a company that has always based its success on innovation,” said Lisa Marie Garcia, president of innovation at Farouk Systems, Inc. The LG CHI Color Master Factory was developed with passion and a desire to manufacture something that would revolutionize our industry.”

Attendees were able to see firsthand the unparalleled coverage ammonia-free CHI color it provides and found using the LG CHI Color Master Factory fast, easy to use, and a must-have for the modern salon.

“It’s mind-blowing!” said Reginald Wells, Farouk Systems, Inc. hairdresser and barber at the training event. “Since I’ve added the LG CHI Color Master Factory, we’re attracting more clients, and it’s adding new business. I’m excited to train my staff so we can keep growing.”

“It is our time,” said Dr. Shami. “Color is a ten-billion-dollar business, and we want each and every one of you to be part of that.”

About The LG CHI Color Master Factory

LG CHI ColorMaster - Hair Color Formulations

Merging technologies and knowledge together, CHI color genius, Dr. Farouk Shami, and LG H&H’s team of top engineers created the world’s first-ever color machine called the LG CHI Color Master Factory. This digitally controlled color customization system creates unlimited formulations with exact precision to make hairstylists’ artistry come to life. The machine offers a simulation mode that allows salon clientele to try on hair colors prior to application. When formulating color, the LG CHI Color Master Factory can also be manually programmed using the touchscreen display or managed via a tablet or smartphone using the Colormaster application. The revolutionary technology also offers a client management system stores clients’ formulas and photos for their next salon appointment. The LG CHI Color Master Factory is also environmentally conscious, cutting waste reduction by 30 percent and tracking colors dispensed for inventory purposes. Interested in the LG Color Master Factory? Learn more here.