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Farouk Systems, Inc. (FSI) Founder and Chairman, Dr. Farouk Shami, recently appeared as a guest on Volume Up! By The Tease, a popular podcast focused on hairstyling hosted by Kelly Ehlers and Jeffrey Lunnen.

“The King of Color” recounted everything from his early days at beauty school to FSI’s newest innovation: the LG CHI Color Master Factory, a digitally controlled color customization system that can create unlimited semi, demi, and permanent color formulations in less than two minutes time.

Color, as Dr. Shami explained, has become the foundation of salons, and is often what keeps them in business. Therefore, he continued, FSI has made it a point to make the coloring process faster, safer, and easier to understand through the power of science and innovation.

“The LG CHI Color Master Factory is a dream come true for every colorist in the world,” said Dr. Shami. Every hairdresser can be the colorist they want to be. With a simple click, [they] can create any color [they] wish to have. It is so exciting and so unbelievable. Hairstylists will want to color all day long. […] We are making it easy for everybody.”

“What has been the feedback from hairstylists?” Ehlers asked.

“They love how easy it is to use and how they can think of colors that they’ve never imagined before,” said Dr. Shami.

This revolutionary machine can be controlled by simply using the touchscreen display or even from a cell phone. It digitally saves color formulations by client and stylist, minimizing confusion and making the science of color truly convenient. Colorists are able to preview what the color formulations will look like on their clients via the digital touchscreen. The LG CHI Color Master Factory even cuts down on waste in salons by 30%.

“Environment, education, innovation, and giving back to the industry we love,” Dr. Shami said. “That’s our mission.”

For the full interview with Dr. Shami on Volume Up! By The Tease, listen to it here!