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“New year, new me” might be overused, but you know what isn’t? A hair color change. There is no shortage of color trends to try, and now it’s easier than ever to create any color with the LG CHI Color Master Factory. This digitally controlled color customization system that can create over 30,000 color formulations with exact precision and virtually no waste. Need some inspiration for your next client? From trendy rose tones to a punch of violet, this look is a breathtaking blend of shades that seamlessly create the appearance of a hazy sunrise. For mastering this silky pastel, CHI Creative Director Mego Ayvazian is sharing the exact color formulation used with the LG CHI Color Master Factory so you can save this pro formula. Scroll down to experiment with this metallic pastel pro formula.



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*Color formulas created by the CHI Education Department using the CHI Color Master Factory in Manual Mode

Pre-Lighten Formula: 1 part CHI Bleach and Shine + 1.5 parts CHI Color Generator 30 Volume

Formula One: 2oz. 10I + 1/2 oz. 8V + 1/2 oz. Red Additive + 2.5 oz. CHI Color Generator 10 Volume

Formula Two: 1/2 oz. 8V + 1/2 oz. Violet Additive + 1oz. Clear Additive + 2 oz. CHI Color Generator 10 Volume