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Houston, TX – Dr. Farouk Shami and Farouk Systems, Inc. are saddened to announce the passing of John McCall. John and Farouk shared a deep friendship and highly respected business partnership for over 40 years. Together, these two innovative businessmen worked tirelessly to grow the company’s brands SunGlitz, BioSilk, and CHI while always putting the hairdresser, the environment, and education at the forefront.

John McCall will be remembered as a highly renowned industry leader, entrepreneur, philanthropist, mentor, and friend. He began his career in the beauty industry as a child in his mother’s hair salon and then went on to own and operate Armstrong McCall, one of the largest and most successful professional distributorships in the United States. John’s keen insight into what hairdressers and salons needed garnered him the reputation for knowing which brands would be successful in salons. In addition, he offered the finest education at his distributor shows and through in-salon training that helped hairdressers grow their businesses and careers.

Dr. Farouk Shami says, “I would like the beauty industry to know how much John McCall meant to everyone and what he contributed to our beloved beauty industry. His efforts to improve and better salons and hairdressers were tireless. His legacy will continue through his loving family, countless friends, and the industry leaders he mentored. We are committed to keeping his memory alive. He was not just a friend and business partner, and he was my best friend and a true brother to me. We extend our condolences, prayers and blessings to his family, friends and business partners and all who loved John.  He will be greatly missed.”