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Just as Dr. Farouk Shami changed the face of the beauty industry in 1985 with his ammonia-free hair color, his new and groundbreaking LG CHI Color Master Factory — a digitally controlled color customization system — is poised to revolutionize the salon hair color formulation process of today. At The 2021 BTC Show, held in Austin, TX from August 21st-24th, Farouk Systems demonstrated that, with just a few clicks, any color combination can be measured, mixed, and dispensed with exact precision and zero waste to make your creative colorwork come to life. As a heartfelt thank you for joining us at the official launch, Dr. Farouk Shami, Founder, and Chairman of Farouk Systems, Inc., wants to give you an exclusive opportunity to be among the first salon pros to experience the avant-garde technology of the LG CHI Color Master Factory from the comfort of your salon.

How to Get the CHI Color Master Factory

There are no gimmicks. Experience confidence in color formulation with an industry-leading machine from your salon. How? It’s simple: there are two programs available now to make this innovative machine.

  • Monthly Leasing Program: you can lease the LG CHI Color Master Factory for only $100.00 a month. If you’re a small, independent salon owner, this option may be best suited for you.
  • Qualified Purchase Program: with this alternative, the LG CHI Color Master Factory can be yours FREE of charge if you meet certain qualified purchases. This means that if you purchase $20,000 a year in Farouk Systems tools, wet-line, or color products, you will receive a $1,200 rebate per year for you qualifying purchase. If you have a large salon, this alternative may be the right choice for you.

You could even own the LG CHI Color Master Factory at the end of a consecutive four-year lease!  To find out how you can contact infoweb@farouk.com or fill out the online form below.

An Exclusive Offer Just For You

Farouk Systems is offering you this exclusive opportunity as a way to show its support after such a difficult and trying year for salon-industry professionals. To take advantage of this limited-time offer, use promo code SHOWS2021 to sign up today. A Farouk Systems sales representative will contact you to set up a FREE training and to ship the LG CHI Color Master Factory directly to your salon door. Register now below.

*This is a limited time offer

For more info please call our Education Department at 1-800-237-9175