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When the weather gets warmer, it’s all about switching it up, and we have the perfect style for your male clients to try. With the help of CHI Man, Red Deer Barber clippers, and this styling guide, you are sure to make your client stand out this summer!


Get the Look

*Styling steps created by the CHI Education Department

Step 1

Pre-lighten the “color pop area” with CHI Bond + Lightening System and the CHI Color Generator 10 Volume. Process for up to 50 minutes or until pale yellow is reached.

Step 2

Rinse out product, shampoo client with CHI Man’s “The One” 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash, then towel dry hair.

Step 3

Using a freestyle point cutting technique, cut the “top crop” area to desired length.

Step 4

In the “color pop area,” apply CHI Chroma Paint Blue Crush and CHI Chromashine Grass Roots in a desired pattern.

Step 5

Process for 10 minutes under low heat followed by a 5 minute cool down. Rinse out your client’s hair until water runs clear and then apply CHI Color Lock Treatment for a full 5 minutes. Then rinse out the product.

Step 6

Use your Red Deer Clippers with the Barber Blade attachment and cut at the nape and sides of your client in a closed position to create the drop fade.

Step 7

Next, open the blade and cut above the previous section in a rocking motion.

Step 8

Using the #3 attachment for the Red Deer clippers, blend above the previous section in a rocking motion.

Step 9

Open the lever and blend above the previous section.

Step 10

Using your Red Deer Clippers, bald out the hairline and then edge up that same area.

Step 11

Using your texturizing shears, texturize your client by going straight up using the “scissor over comb” technique to remove the bulk on the sides.

Step 12

Add any desired designs requested by your client.

Step 13

Mist your client’s hair with the CHI Man Low Maintenance Texturizing Spray and finger style into place using the CHI Nano Dryer.

Step 14

Finish off this look with the CHI Man Nitty Gritty Clay.