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Grammy award winner, Megan Thee Stallion is one of the hottest new artists out in the music industry right now! Known for her fashionable hair and style, our Education Content Coordinator, Haley Guirdy has laid out some easy tips on how you can also create one of her gorgeous looks!
Credit: @theestallion

Get The Look

Step One: Apply CHI Silk Infusion on clean, damp hair and blow-dry using the CHI Lava Hair Dryer.

Step Two: Section the hair down the middle and secure each section with the hair clips.

Step Three: Take each subsection and mist them with the CHI 44 Iron Guard.

Step Four: Take each subsection and curl it using the CHI 1.25in. Lava Curling Iron.

Step Five: Once all of the hair is curled, comb through the curls to loosen them up with the CHI Turbo Wide Tooth Comb.

Step Six:  Finalize your style by using the CHI Infra Texture Hairspray and the CHI Shine Infusion.

Credit: @theestallion

Get the Color

Step 5: Mist hair with CHI Hemp & Aloe Bond & Seal

Step 6: Section your client’s hair into 4 quadrants.

Step 7: Brush through your client’s hair with the CHI Turbo Brush, for even distribution.

Step 8: Prepare your color mixture:

  • To achieve the exact color as Megan, you will need the CHI Chroma Paint- Purple Blitz
  • Hemp & Aloe Bleach & Shine (mix using 1:1 or 1:1.5)
  • CHI Color Generator (20 Volume)

Pro Tip: Use a white bowl as your tester bowl when formulating the hair color so you can easily see the desired color. Add the lighter pigments first then add increments of the darker pigments of the hair color.

Step 9: Apply the mixture with your CHI Tint Brush & CHI Color Brush. Add Bleach & Shine from your client’s mid-shaft in one subsection, 2inches from the ends of the hair.

Step 10: Once the lifting begins, apply the rest of the color mixture and Bond & Seal to your client’s roots & ends. Work the product through the hair with your hands. Allow up to 15min.

Step 11: Once the desired level has been achieved, rinse hair with warm water, shampoo using CHI Infra Shampoo and condition using the CHI Infra Treatment. Be sure to remove any excess water.

Step 12: Apply CHI Chroma Paint mixture on client and allow it to process for up to 20min.

Then rinse thoroughly until water runs clear.

Step 13: Gently dry the hair and then apply CHI Ionic Color Lock for 5 min.

Step 14: Rinse hair with cool water to close & seal the hair cuticle.

Step 15: Style your client as desired using your favorite CHI Tool!

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