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Because you are a professional hairstylist, it is important to stay up to date on all the latest trends and salon services which is why you need the CHI Bond + Lightening System by your side! Below we will answer some common questions and discuss how to use the CHI Bond & Seal and CHI Bleach & Shine as a system to not only make sure your client is satisfied but to also make sure they come back again.

How to Use the CHI Bond + Lightening System


“What are the best products to use on a client who has colored their hair or wants to lighten their hair?”

The best system to use during these type of service is the CHI Bleach & Shine, CHI Bond & Seal. the CHI Color Generator because these products are able to protect bonds before, during, and after the color lighting service while also maintaining the health of your client’s hair.

“What are the best products to use on a client who has colored their hair or wants to lighten their hair?

The Bond & Seal allows you to slow down processing in areas of the hair that may lift too fast. It is also good for protecting the scalp, strengthening the bonds, and equalizing the pH balance of the hair.

Overall, the CHI Bond & Seal allows the stylist to have control over the lightning action to even out the color results.

“How long should we leave the Bond & Seal in our client’s hair?”

The processing time ultimately depends on the condition of the hair and how many levels you would like to lift the client’s hair. For phenomenal results, it’s best to check every 3-5 minutes until your desired results are achieved.

Pro Tip: If processing under heat, wash the product out after 15 minutes.

“How is hemp beneficial for hair?”

Hemp oil contains fatty acids, nutrients, and vitamins that provide moisture and protection to your hair. Hemp seeds are also high in protein and good for strengthening the hair and preventing breakage during the lightening service.

“How is aloe vera beneficial for my hair?”

Aloe vera is rich in amino acids, essential nutrients, water, polysaccharides, and sugar which offers excellent conditioning properties and protection while moisturizing the scalp and hair. Amino acids are also good for improving elasticity and strength while the sugar, water, and polysaccharides are a natural humectant that retains hair moisture.

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When using the products from the CHI Bond + Lightening System, you can be confident in knowing that you are protecting the condition of your client’s crown and making them look beautiful all in one service.

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