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Can you imagine having your very own hair color factory inside of the salon you work in? Eager to innovate the hair color industry, CHI and LG H&H have teamed up to develop the “LG CHI Color Master Factory,” a machine that can create unlimited hair color formulations right at your fingertips!

Meet the CHI Color Master Factory

No need to be intimidated, this machine is easy to use because it features a touch screen display, a mobile app to navigate the machine, and a client management portal that allows you to refer back to any past formulas you created.

CHI Colormaster Infographic

Create to make a hairdresser's life much easier:

    • Environmentally friendly
      • By recycling the color canisters
      • Reducing the waste of boxes, tubes, and bottles
    • Simulation mode
      • Being able to capture before and after photos of your client to preview the hair color
      • The manual mode that is offered, allows you to customize formulations
      • Able to easily market to clients by using preview photos when experimenting with new colors and sending the photos to the client via text message
    •  Convenient
      • Being able to create formulas from anywhere in the salon via mobile app
    • Cost-efficient
      • The machine dispenses fresh hair color every time
      • No color is leftover in tubes or bottle
    • Compact design
      • Can be easily set up in a salon
Cannisters Group copy

As a hairdresser, the LG CHI Color Master Factory allows you to have the ultimate creative freedom. Not only does this machine provide an innovative experience for you as a stylist but also for your clients. Have fun formulating with a variety of colors and creating that glamorous look for your clients.