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Before Black History Month comes to an end, one of our very own platform educators and Master Stylist, Kewonia Grimes has provided an easy step by step tutorial on how to properly use the CHI Deep Brilliance and CHI Bond + Seal Lightening System when styling a client.

 CHI Bond + Seal Lightening System

Professional Tutorial

Step One: Start off by using the CHI Bond & Seal Treatment before adding any chemical to the hair to lower the pH level and ensure the hair cuticles are closed. Following after that, apply the Deep Brilliance Silk Conditioning Relaxer.

Step Two: Use the Deep Brilliance Protein Masque and Deep Brilliance Leave In Treatment together once the relaxer has been put in your client’s hair. Stay by the washing bowl and leave the relaxer in their hair for 15 minutes. Once 15 minutes has gone by, thoroughly rinse and dry their hair then proceed with the third step.

Step Three: Next, use the CHI Bleach & Shine once the hair is thoroughly dry. We recommend using the CHI Color Generator 10 Volume or the CHI Color Generator 20 Volume because they are great for maintaining the integrity of the hair.

Step Four: Apply the CHI Bleach and Shine to your client’s hair to supply moisture because it is formulated with hemp oil and aloe vera. These two ingredients are good for providing conditioning, protection, moisture and essential nutrients to the hair.

Step Five: Then, you will apply the CHI Bond & Seal Treatment to the hair to act as a natural bonder which is good for protecting and strengthening the bonds before, during and after the color and/or lightening service.

Step Six: Lastly, be sure to use the CHI Bond & Seal Treatment to finalize this service because it helps lower the pH level to close the hair’s cuticle.