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Farouk Systems, Inc., a Houston-based company known for its state-of-the-art professional hair care products, diversified its global operations last year by partnering with Exonda Salon Tools GmbH, a leading international supplier of high-quality hairdressing tools that are “Made in Germany”.

Now Exonda Salon Tools GmbH, creators of the Red Deer by CHI Barber Clipper No. 1, has announced a change in management to ensure continuity and position the company for its next chapter of growth and development.

Dirk Aschenbach, a deputy General Manager who brings 20+ years of experience at Exonda Salon Tools GmbH, will continue to oversee the company’s finance, production and supply chain management. However, Swen Heimeroth, who was responsible for new products and business development in North America, will now drive sales, marketing as well as focus on product quality and engineering. Heimeroth has a proven track record of international leadership, management experience and success.

With Exonda Salon Tools GmbH’s high-quality electrical appliances for hairdressers and its cultivated partnership with Farouk Systems, Inc. to pave the way for future international growth, both companies look to further strengthen their position in the beauty industry through technology and innovation.

Red Deer by CHI Barber Clipper No. 1

We are the constant in the barbershop, makers of hair care and tools that are both wild and precise. The haircare is inspired by barbershop traditions and formulations updated for today’s man and Made in the USA.

  • 360° rotating cable joint for maximum freedom of movement without tangling.
  • Lightweight, handy, and low vibration for comfortable operation over long periods, gentle on joints, muscles and tendons.
  • The blade head can be changed and easily cleaned in just 5 seconds, thanks to the quick-release blade head.
  • The length taper lever can be alternately mounted for both left and right-handers with just one screw.