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Creativity and innovation have been a long-standing signature of Farouk Systems, Inc. It developed the world’s first ammonia-free hair color in 1985 and pioneered the use of NASA-inspired CHI Nano Silver and Blue Light Technology in its hairstyling products in 2005. So when the coronavirus pandemic hit, the haircare giant jump-started its innovation engine once again to step up, and make a difference.

Since sanitization is critical to saving lives and sparing health impacts—now and for the foreseeable future—the Houston-based business worked diligently to release a slew of new products under its new Health + Care category.

“We immediately rallied to innovate and create new sanitization products with such a passion and purpose to help support America in the fight against the spread of COVID-19,” said Dr. Farouk Shami, Founder and Chairman of Farouk Systems, Inc.

The haircare company immediately shifted production efforts to produce a variety of hand sanitizers that were powerful enough to kill 99.9% of germs, but also gentle enough on hands thanks to its formula with organically grown aloe vera.

The new hand sanitizers include CHI Natural Gardens Moisturizing Hand SanitizerBiosilk Moisturizing Hand SanitizerBiosilk Aloe Vera Hand SanitizerCHI Biosilk Automatic Dispenser, and Biosilk Moisturizing Hand 2 Sanitizer Spray.

“In addition to producing millions of high-quality sanitizers to help with the market shortage, we donated countless bottles to frontline healthcare workers and first responders to help save lives,” said Dr. Shami.

Farouk Systems, Inc. then doubled-down on the production on its blow dryers featuring its NASA-inspired CHI Nano Silver and Blue Light Technology. Its state-of-art blow dyers like the CHI Nano Hair Dryer or CHI 1875 Series Hair Dryer use blue LED lights to send out wavelengths to kill bacteria in the dryer as well as microorganisms in the air.

That’s not all. Now Farouk Systems, Inc. is taking action to disinfect entire rooms and high touch surfaces by releasing its all-new CHI Life Germicidal UV Light Sanitizer and CHI Life Handheld UV Light Sanitizer. These bacteria-busters clean items or surfaces without any damage, chemicals or odors.

Just place the CHI Life Germicidal UV Light Sanitizer in a room or wave the CHI Life Handheld UV Light Sanitizer over any desired surface, and clean homes, offices, cellphones, laptops and more with the disinfecting powers of ultraviolet light. Similar technology has been used in hospitals and medical facilities to sterilize airborne pathogens and surfaces.

“We wanted to serve our community, and create useful products needed in today’s market so we could do our part to help stop the spread of COVID-19,” said Dr. Shami. “Because together we are stronger.”

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