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Farouk Systems, Inc. recently hosted its annual Creative Artistic Team (CAT) Training in Houston, TX. Over 150 International Brand Ambassadors travelled from all over the world for a three-day educational event that highlighted everything from upcoming CHI launches to the next big trends in cutting and color.

The anticipated training kicked off with presentations from the President of Innovation Lisa Marie Garcia, President of Professional Sales Farah Faulkner, Director of Digital Marketing David Vargas, Sales Director Holly Lillie, Product Development Manager Rachel Schwab, and Marketing Coordinator Mia Curry.

Stylists were able to get an inside look at a slew of CHI product newcomers. Upcoming releases included a CHI Man grooming line, a youth-inspired wet-line called CHI Vibes, a hemp and aloe-infused CHI BOND + Lightener System, and more.

During CAT Training, guests participated in hands-on classes that featured the CHI BOND + Lightener System. They were able to see firsthand how the new line brought the benefits of hemp and aloe to protect, lift and brighten hair up to 9+ levels without sacrificing its integrity, shine or condition.

Farouk Systems Global Board Artists Anna Cantu and Rocky Vitelli wowed guests with their new I.D.entify Collection, which featured bright colors tones, on-trend haircuts, and a mix of hairstyles created with CHI Chromashine, CHI Shine Shades, CHI LAVA Tools and more. Attendees then learned the painting, blending and cutting techniques to recreate the looks.

​Other enlightening color classes were led by Innovative Director of the Middle East Fadi Mehanna and Farouk Systems Creative Artist Mego Ayvazian. Jacob Khan, an Atlanta-based entrepreneur, educator and hairdresser, offered a cutting class that featured techniques that help build hairdressers’ business behind the chair.

“We strive to educate our fellow hairdressers around the world,” said Dr. Farouk Shami, Chairman and Founder of Farouk Systems, Inc. “We want to give them the opportunity to succeed, grow and stay abreast of the ever-changing trends in the industry.”

Want to see more highlights from CAT Training? Check out more photos below.