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Most of us think pageant contestants and reigning beauty queens have a 24/7 glam squad on standby to attend to all of their urgent beauty needs. Fact check: this could not be further from the truth and there are frequent occasions when contestants – and even title holders – have to swiftly go from one event to another without a professional stylist anywhere in sight!

The truth is that pageant life can be a whirlwind with barely enough time to touch up mascara let alone for full hair and makeup sessions. CHI Haircare has been a longtime mainstay on the pageant scene and their educators and artists understand this occasional dilemma. On June 30th the CHI Academy doors opened up to nearly 40 pageant contestants of Miss (and Miss Teen) Houston Latina 2019 in hopes of teaching the ladies how to style their own hair while on-the-go using their favorite CHI products.

Led by Farouk Systems Education Manager Alma Lopez, CHI Elite Artist Melissa Gonzalez and CHI Master Executive Educator Joy Williams, contestants learned the latest tips and tricks to create casual daytime and formal evening looks. They gained instrumental product knowledge (including the benefits of CHI tools and hair care), learned how to protect their individual hair types and also got a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the attention and innovation that go into the making of Farouk Systems products during a facility tour.

 Moreover, this event was a way to empower each contestant so that they feel confident – on and off the stage – as pageant representatives.  

Pageant director Natalia Castillo-Ware was drawn to Farouk Systems’ focus on female empowerment, commitment to innovation and how passionate its educators and artists are about CHI products, tools and sharing that knowledge with others.

“The theme of our pageant this year is find the fire in you,” said Castillo-Ware. “During the competition, the contestants find different talents within themselves and discover their passions. I feel like everyone at Farouk Systems demonstrates this as well – their educators and artists are very passionate about what they do and I want our girls to find that same spirit and energy in their own endeavors. We hope providing transformative experiences and learning opportunities like these help the contestants find that fire within themselves. That’s what motivates each one and helps them all to inspire others.”