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Bradley Tuggle, Brittaney Ratzlaff (founder of Carrie on NC), Candice Parker (Coastal Woman’s Shelter, Development Coordinator), Ryan Kaskey (Director of Sales), William Coley (Educator) and Sage Graverson (District Manager)

Houston, TX – On October 26 & 27th 2018, Farouk Systems, Inc. hosted the Hurricane Relief Palooza held at the Colony Trade Center/Church of God New Bern.  This 2-day relief program helped the victims of Hurricane Florence by distributing over $350,000 worth of CHI and BioSilk hair care plus styling tools. On hand were Carrie on NC, volunteers and staff from Farouk Systems including Sage Graverson (District Manager), Bradley Tuggle (Artist), Amy Rodriguez (Educator), William Coley (Educator), Elizabeth Kaufmann (Educator) and Ryan Kaskey (Director). They traveled from all over to help both residents and salons in the area. An additional recipient was The Coastal Woman’s Shelter who lost everything amidst the hurricane’s devastation.

The event along with The Carrie on NC, Inc. served a total of 697 families and 1,399 people during the Hurricane Relief Palooza. In addition, the New Life Church put together activities for children as well as 100 relief supply buckets and the ongoing support of materials needed along the way.

Farouk Systems Director of Sales, Ryan Kaskey, as well as Global Artist, Bradley Tuggle, helped to coordinate the event. According to Ryan, “The opportunity to speak with those whose worlds have been destroyed by Hurricane Florence, losing everything and now facing their homes in ruins, to the tears shed in gratitude is something I will never forget.” He continues, “We also helped fellow hair stylists who lost their livelihood to now having a chance to get back on their feet and giving them a new start was heartwarming.  I would thank Brittaney C. Ratzlaff of Carrie On NC, Inc., Two Rives Church & New Life Church, New Bern for teaming up with Farouk Systems. You were all amazing to work side by side with the last couple of days!”

If you or someone you know was afflicted by Hurricane Florence in the South Carolina area, the relief effort will continue this weekend in Mullins and Longs! In partnership with Farouk Systems, Hunger Crusaders and SC Needs Help are organizing the following events this Saturday and Sunday, November 10th and 11th. In addition to products and supplies being offered, hot meals will also be served to those who attend.

If you would like to offer your support to the victims, monetary donations can be made to the organizers’ links below:

GoFundMe Donations to Hunger Crusaders Corp. can be made here:

PayPal donations to SC Needs Help can be made with the email address: