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In May of this year, tragedy hit the rural town of Santa Fe, Texas leaving a community devastated with grief. In the midst of the heartbreaking aftermath, one concerned and caring hairstylist and former Santa Fe HS graduate, Marco Hinojosa, felt compelled to bring a sense of normalcy back to his community. Coordinating beauty makeovers for the school’s 250+ high school seniors for their upcoming graduation, Marco created the Tribal Tuneup charity event (the name serves as an homage to the school’s mascot).

To accomplish his goal, he reached out to everyone he knew asking to help or give something in order to make this all happen. Marco secured 25 hairstylists and 20 barbers for a day of glam. He also reached out to Farouk Systems, Inc. asking for any styling tools/products, which were shipped out to help each stylist and barber. Farouk Systems supplied CHI, BioSilk and Esquire Grooming products and tools as well as gift bags and fundraiser raffle items, totaling over $11,000.

“I thought it would be a nice way to give back and to have everyone come together in a positive and fun way prior to graduation.” says Marco Hinojosa.

According to Dr. Farouk Shami, “There are no words when such senseless tragedies take place, but it was an honor to help a fellow hairdresser help others.”