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When it comes to creating a voluminous, elegant upstyle, building upon and committing to simple techniques can create big end results. Here’s how Farouk Systems Artist Mego Ayvazian builds a super-romantic style by repeatedly twisting loose, small sections with the Royal Treatment line.

1. To prep the style, cleanse the hair with Royal Treatment Volume Shampoo and Royal Treatment Volume Conditioner. Then apply a few drops of Royal Treatment Pearl Complex and blow-dry the hair. Once dry, mix a few drops of Pearl Complex with Royal Treatment Brilliance Cream and apply on the hair for flexible hold and shine. Curl the hair with the Dura CHI 1-inch Curling Iron and finish with Royal Treatment Ultimate Control Hairspray.

2. First, section off the sides of the hair.

3. Then backcomb the hair at the crown to create volume.

4. Take a small strand and pin it loosely under the crown area. Make sure it is loose enough so that the crown area maintains its volume.

5. Continue picking up small, loose strands of hair, then twist them and place them on top of the strand that was pinned first. Finish with Royal Treatment Ultimate Control Hairspray.

6. Continue twisting and placing the small hair strands. Use big open pins to keep the hair in place.

7. Taking hair from the front, twist loosely and place them in the back of the head underneath the other twists. Continue to use big open pins to keep the hair in place. Spray Royal Treatment Ultimate Control Hairspray to set.

8. Continue step 5, pulling the hair apart as you move to create more volume.

9. Continue step 5, pulling the hair apart as you move to create more volume.

10. Leave some strands in natural fall around the face for a romantic feel.

11. Finished look.