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Singer-songwriter Gabriella

The Farouk Global Conference Cancun 2017 had many delightful moments, but when Gabriella took the Gala Night stage, it was by far one of the most memorable! The audience murmurs drew to a stunned hush as their gazes fixed on Gabriella beneath the spotlight – she commanded their attention with her powerful, steady and endearing performance.

Hailing from Montreal, the talented, young singer-songwriter first came to international prominence in 2016 after competing on The Voice – France. Gabriella’s haunting cover of “The Scientist” has since garnered more than 150 million views through social platforms and her YouTube channel currently boasts over 140,000 subscribers.

Farouk Systems thanks Gabriella for helping to make Gala Night with our Royal Treatment show an unforgettable experience. As a special gift for your attendance, her new double album is now available to you as a free download so you can relive the amazing event!