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On August 25-27, 2017, Farouk Systems, Inc. hosted its biennial global conference, titled “Light it Up.” The three-day company event announced new partnerships, product launches and concluded with a star-studded awards ceremony.

During the general session, Dr. Farouk Shami announced a joint venture with LG Household & Healthcare, a subsidiary of LG Group, which resulted in the newly formed corporation LG Farouk Co. The General Manager of LG Farouk Co., Mr. Pyo Young Ho, addressed the attendees in conjunction with Dr. Shami to help announce this partnership designed to explore new frontiers by merging the science of LG with the art of Farouk Systems.

President of Innovation, Lisa Marie Garcia, presented the latest products and tools being released for the remainder of 2017 and what to expect in 2018.

For 2017, the list includes: BioSilk Silk Therapy with Natural Coconut Oil, product additions to the Royal Treatment Line, CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil, an improved Power Plus line, the CHI Lava Styling Iron and CHI Shine Shades Violet with Additives. For 2018, Farouk Systems will launch a new skin care line created in conjunction with LG. The new year also marks the release of the CHI Natural with Olive Oil Line, CHI Nano Hair Dryer, CHI Lava Brushes and Hair Dryer, CHI Ribbon Hairstyling Iron, CHI Spin n Curl Pro and the CHI App Iron.

Garcia also announced that Farouk Systems will be doubling their shows and education as well as connecting hairdressers across the globe with their new digital educational campaigns. As an added addition to updating Farouk Systems presence on the world-wide web, the company unveiled the newly designed websites for CHI.com, BioSilk.com and the company’s corporate site, Farouk.com.

On the last day of the conference, awards were given to honorable members of Farouk Systems, along with stylists who exemplified continued success in shows and education.

This year’s 2017 Global Conference ended with a heavy heart as Hurricane Harvey raged over Southeast Texas. To date, Farouk Systems, Inc. has raised $5,000,000 in products and tools reaching the victims, hairstylists and cosmetology students in Houston.

“Together we can make a difference, help us to show the world that our community of salon professionals stand united, ready and able to help each other,” said Dr. Shami.

Honorary Awards:

Debbie Connor, Star Award
Angela Leschper, Legend Award
Donna Novembre, Innovation Award
Carol Kleist, Heart Award

Show & Education:

Tammy Mixon, Leadership Award
Joe Anthony Pena, Mentor Award
Joost Mulleman, Barber Artist of the Year Award
Anna Cantu, Distributor’s Favorite Artist Award
Rocky Vitelli, Best CHI Showmanship Award
Tommy Tusa, Marco Passaniti, Best Esquire Showmanship Award
Patrick Kalle, Maurice Den Exter, Richard Jordan, International Team of the Year Award
Mego Ayvazian, International Artist of the Year Award
Maggie O’Daniel, Danielle Regazzi, New Artist Team Award
Cynthia Diersen, Ivan Rodriguez, Editorial Stylist of the Year Award
Anna Perkins, Educator of the Year Award
Jessica Davinski, Int. Educator of the Year Award
Renee Montgomery, Regional Trainer of the Year Award