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You’re well acquainted with hair serum and leave-in conditioner, but what about dry oil finishing spray for hair? This miracle product is applied in a fine, even mist as the last step in your hairstyling routine, and noticeably amps up luminosity, nixes frizz, protects and nourishes hair.
“Dry oil is less greasy, less wet, and lighter than regular oils, and many use it on their hair to add light shine and moisture,” explains Nelson Chan, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Nelson J Salon in Beverly Hills. “It’s great for people who want the benefits of regular oil without the weight and greasy-coating, since it adds little to no weight to the hair. “
Chan said that dry oil can be a serum or hair oil replacement for those with thin, limp hair who want volume and shine. For those with thick, curly, or stick-straight hair who want to further nix frizz and impart shine, it works brilliantly in conjunction with other oils and products. Basically: consider dry oil the icing on your hairstyling cake. Click ahead to see our top dry oil picks.
CHI’s cult-fave dry finishing oil is perfect for color-treated babes who want to protect their hair from fading while adding shine and keeping frizz at bay. It boasts UV protection and a mixture of beneficial ingredients, including rose hip oil to nourish and promote shine, silk to strengthen, and vitamin C to rejuvenate. It applies in a super fine, delicate mist and smells like a high-end salon product.