It brings me great joy to introduce to anyone whom has yet to hear of BioSilk! I have been using this brand for over a decade now. Each product plays a special role in my solid consistent hair routine. This is the one and only brand that has never let me down weightlessly, yet heavily effective in humid weather. See below to read my review regarding the six products I have been gifted.

Silk Therapy Shampoo – is formulated with botanical extracts and herbs that gently cleanse the hair while penetrating incredible shine.

Silk Therapy Dry Clean Shampoo – This is a water-free spray that absorbs excess oil. Like many dry shampoo’s it eliminates odor plus adds lift and texture to the hair.

Silk Therapy Conditioner – Conditions with botanical extracts and herbs that replenish moisture. An important factor is the UV filters protect hair from damaging UVA/UVB rays.

Biosilk Finishing Spray – Offers that non-sticky texture and white film most will leave you with. It accomplished this by leaving a brush-able yet natural hold.

Glazing Gel – is a non-sticky, light hold gel. It works by sculpting your hair evenly to give body and shine without clubs of stickiness.

Silk Therapy Original – provides a natural smooth/shine look it always left me with. One 12fl oz could last me a year, if used correctly. I also use it for my skin when I hang out at the beach. it tames my hair and helps soak up the sun when applied onto skin.

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Credit: Raelyns Roulette