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Voluminous DURA Curls by CHI for Farouk Systems

Whether it’s tight coils or loose, feminine coils, everyone loves a curl. Give your client the ultimate curly ‘do with this voluminous look from Farouk Systems. Golden, bouncy curls are brought to life with volume and shine—giving your client the perfect glam, red carpet look. The DURA CHI Collection showcases runway-inspired looks and the salon-worthy interpretations with styles ranging from smooth rippling curls to untamed tousled tendrils.
Who did it
Hair: Farouk Systems Creative Director Patrick Kalle
Photography: Richard Monsieurs
Makeup: Juliette den Ouden
Wardrobe: Dair by Odair Pereira

Get the Voluminous DURA Waves Step-by-Step!

Products Used
Farouk Royal Treatment Ultimate Control Hairspray
Farouk Royal Treatment Rapid Shine
DURA CHI Curling Iron (1-inch barrel)
CHI Turbo Tail Comb


1. Color Formula

Highlighted with CHI Blondest Blonde Creme Lightener + 20-volume CHI GeneratorCreate a side part and apply Farouk Royal Treatment Ultimate Control Hairspray to a 1-inch section before curling under and securing with a clip to allow for maximum cool down.

2. Using the DURA CHI Curling Iron (1-inch barrel), continue this pattern on the other side keeping the iron horizontal. Once the front section is completed, continue to curl the rest of the hair in 1-inch sections starting from the top of the head.
3. Once the curls have cooled, release each section and gently comb through the curls. Apply Farouk Royal Treatment Rapid Shine for added reflection.
4. Starting at the base, press hair between iron and comb to create a wave. Continue down to create three ridges before finishing with Farouk Royal Treatment Ultimate Control Hairspray.