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“The new Miss USA came to Las Vegas with a plan! She wanted to win. Under her terms. She wanted to stay true to herself and her natural hair texture! Kára had been introduced to the CHI Deep Brilliance system a short while back. She realized it was the perfect type of protection and moisture for her natural curls!”– CHI Hairstylist Albert Luiz

How Albert got the look:

To complete her competition look, I used the CHI Ellipse Tapered styling wand and CHI Magnified Volume Finishing Spray to enhance her texture.

1. First I backcombed a bit around her parietal area and sprayed CHI Magnified Volume to hold the backcombing in place – this adds a bit of volume and allows the hair to bounce as she walks.

2. I then took 1/2″ sections on the surface of the hairstyle and hairline before spraying CHI Magnified Volume at the base of each section then laying the hair over the iron at the roots to quickly dry the spray as the hair was suspended – it gave the hair immediate volume at roots!

3. I pointed the iron in the direction I wanted the hair to go after curling and wrapping the hair around the Ellipse Tapered styling wand. I wanted to make sure the formed curls did not look or feel “done” so I alternated the direction. I wrapped from where I pointed the iron. This ensures a random curl pattern and direction. Since I did not want to completely change her hair’s curl pattern, I did not curl every strand of hair. I left the majority of her own texture as the foundation for her finished look and only curled the surface hair and the hair around her front hairline.

4. After curling enough strands, I finger separated the curls and blended them with her own natural texture. I again used CHI Magnified Volume to maintain the new curls’ direction and volume.

5. To finish off her new look, I used the Miss Universe Style Illuminate Spotlight Shine Spray over all the finished hairstyle to make sure Miss DC would shine at every angle on stage! Her hair displayed the same elegance, strength and shine on that stage as her physical beauty and confidence that walked away with the win!