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Las Vegas is known as a bustling, neon city glowing in the desert where fortunes can swing with the push of a button or a fateful dice roll.  This past weekend saw Kára McCullough and 50 other unique and gorgeous ladies test their own fortunes as heir to the crown during the 66th Miss USA pageant held at the Mandalay Bay Events Center!  Farouk Systems is a longtime sponsor of the event and our CHI and BioSilk products – utilized by the amazing CHI Global Artists and esteemed styling team – were there to make each contestant look and feel her absolute best!

Miss USA 2015 Olivia Jordan was there to host in the CHI Lounge and received a team effort for her flawless, camera-ready styling from Anna Cantu, Judi Yount and Tammy Mixon!

Nik Martel crafted one of the evening’s most Tweeted-about looks with Deshauna Barber’s natural afro (a touching homage to her recently departed mother) while Albert Luiz created eventual winner Kara McCullough’s radiant, ready-for-the-crown elegance.

Company founder Farouk Shami was in attendance with his family (including CEO Rami Shami) as well as several prominent Farouk Systems leaders.  Farouk was the first sponsor to have a photo snapped with the newly minted Miss USA 2017.

This Vegas night’s biggest win belonged to Kára and Farouk Systems congratulates her!