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Welcome back to Mane Monday! Last week we talked about How To Start a Healthy Hair Journey and one of the steps to a healthy hair journey was to have a plan. That plan is called a Hair Regimen and it consists of a  schedule of hair practices you will choose to adopt! While regimens can become complex I am going to start you off with five simple steps. When you first start a healthy hair journey it can be a bit overwhelming and hard to figure out where to start. No worry’s I’m here to help, so let’s get started. Before we get started, this post is in no way sponsored. The products I am mention are what I have used for years on my healthy hair journey. The products I am mention are excellent for all hair types not just relaxed. Now that that’s out of the way, let get a move onto the steps.

Steps to Creating A Custom Hair Regimen

Serum/Heat Protectant

The next step in the regimen process is to protect your hair from heat damage and combat frizz. I have one main serum/heat protectant that I prefer and that his Chi Silk Infusion. Getting this product has been a struggle as it has gained so much popularity it has almost double in price. I’ve had this 6oz bottle for over two years, this should let you know a little goes a long way. I also love Biosilk Silk Therapy. Notice how they all have silk in there, lol. These products are amazing and give you a sleek and silky finish.

I hope you have found the information helpful. These steps can be used as a template to build your own hair regimen. Do you currently have a hair regimen, leave a comment below!