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A gorgeous color? CHECK. A bomb cut? DONE. After your client has her cut and color down pat, she needs her style to showcase all of it—that’s where you come in. Watch these eight styling quickies we gathered from America’s Beauty Show and start getting creative behind the chair.

1. Crochet Braid
Never crocheted a day in your life? That doesn’t mean you can’t master this braid from Gina Watkins, a L’ANZA artistic design team member. While the crochet braid appears intricate at first, just like any other braid, it all boils down to a rhythm. Prep with L’ANZA Keratin Healing Oil Combing Cream, then get started!

2. Waves All Day
Looking for a new way to ~wave~ your client? We got the inside scoop on Farouk Systems’ new CHI Ellipse Tool line from the always-fabulous Farouk Global Artist Anna Cantu. Watch Anna create four different types of waves now!

3. Can’t-Miss Chignon Cheat
Watch Sexy Hair Educator Paola Rascon demonstrate how you can use a hair pin to move and shape a heavily-backcombed chignon and hold it in place.

4. Flawless Figure 8
There is just something about seeing a beautiful braid being created. Watch amika Global Artistic Director Naeemah LaFond craft one of her stunning Figure 8 braids, and try to not get totally entranced (it’s impossible!).


5. Quick Curls
If you haven’t yet heard of Hot Tools’ latest product, it’s time to get on board! Did you know their new CurlBar™ is specifically designed to help you create curls super fast, and due to its innovative ergonomic design, it helps reduce strain in your arms, shoulders and wrists? AH. MAZE. ING. Check out how it works!

6. Quick Color Placement
Sometimes your clients need more volume, more length, more hair. And sometimes, they just want a pop of color to frame their face. Watch Hairtalk USA Artist Tucker Cinalli give BTC’s Christen a cool strand of color using their tape-in hair extensions.

7. Serious Texture
Need a new way to build amazing texture? THIS. IS. IT. Watch MIZANI Artist Jada Jenkins quickly build incredible curls and texture using a lacer tool.

8. Knotty And Oh So Nice
When your client wants something that’s pretty yet edgy? No worries! This cool knotted updo is both. Watch ECRU New York’s Creative Director Lisa Lobosco create the look using products from their new texture line.